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How Further Can You Go? (Fitness Journal)

How Further Can You Go? (Fitness Journal)

Joining a Fitness Retreat Week? How Further Can You Go? This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Today we see our weekend ladies leave us and our mid weekers arrive, our 7 day ladies are starting to feel the fatigue of this past weekend and some for the first time missing home, probably made worse by the fact the ladies on the weekend course are leaving, always seems to bring on the homesick blues for some people.

None of this is particularly unusual infact it happens most weeks, to differing amounts but this is the first time we have had such a large group of 2 week clients and they are actually feeling pretty good for the most part! They all know that after today the days just seem to fly by and and with the help of the workshops to break the routine they can now see themselves on the home straight.

Whenever we set ourselves a physical challenge I.e a distance to run or walk, a mountain to climb or an event to compete in, the fact is it cannot be a physical challenge without it also being a mental one and if there is one thing that 2 weeks of exercise and a reduced calorific intake will do its challenge your will and determination, once you have exercised for anything more than you have done in the past or tried something new, essentially you have beaten the physical limit you had previously set yourself so the rest of it is mental, how much further do you want to go? How much further can you go?

Questions not of the body, but of the mind. That’s why Monday can be such a tough day, you have already completed 2 days of more exercise than you thought you possibly could, so your determination and drive is not so much. That’s why if you enjoy yourself you are typically capable of so much more because you want to carry on. If you don’t enjoy it….. Well you can not justify carrying on, you start to ask questions of why you need to etc and start looking for reasons not to.

For those of you lovely people out there who are considering something like FitFarms, my one piece of advice would be to tell yourself that whatever it takes you will complete the week because if you tell yourself you can’t but you’ll see or that you’ll just come and do what you can or even that you should be able to do it all without too much issue then the chances are.. Monday will not be a pleasant day, on a lighter note I do hope to meet some of you on one of our courses and I hope it is as useful to you as it has been to others and maybe if we do meet you can tell me if I was right or wrong in my portrayal of the course.

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more (FitFarms Journal)

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more (FitFarms Journal)

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more at FitFarms retreat course. This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Today we begin with Ian’s cardio kick class, a mixture of martial arts movements kicks, punches, blocks etc choreographed to the beat of some good old style dance music, Ian does love to throw some classic tunes in there and mix it up a little. It’s a great way to start the day because it has everything from some bouncing tracks to a bouncing instructor with a really good vibe thrown in the middle and a rush of energy before breakfast from all that blood pumping around the body.

After breakfast it’s time for today’s walk and whilst the weather isn’t at its best it’s certainly not enough to stop the troops so off they pop for what I think is one of the most scenic walks of the week… Even thou I never get to go on it :-(… I instead am staying here to welcome the mid week arrivals.

Once the arrivals are all settled in it will be time for dinner and then chance for the newbies to get acquainted with the rest of the group, after this it is triple trouble time for half the group and the first of 2 very informative nutrition workshops for the other half. The nutrition workshops are 8 hours spread over 2 days of useful and useable information, relating not to the ideal way to eat healthy and lose weight but a realistic way, giving out information a plenty about why you should avoid certain foods or what foods are a better alternative but also reassuring you with science and sense that some foods whilst not the best choice are better than nothing or ok in small amounts and reminding you that balance is the key. The workshops are built around the idea that we are dealing with a group of individuals so the there is plenty of room for questions etc. today will be topped off with a yoga session from a brilliant local instructor and it’s a great way to end the day, it still counts as resistance, it helps the body relax and de-stress and it is different to any of our other classes so far, tomorrow will be the mid weekers first full day so with them luck and if you can spare a moment leave a message of encouragement on our Facebook site.

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – 4 Sept 2014

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – 4 Sept 2014

Thursday really feel like a wind down day here, for us anyway! The clients still have a full day ahead of them, with Zumba, yoga, cookery workshop, 6 mile walk around Chatsworth,badminton spinning and rebounding a last blast workout and bokwa all before 5pm but not in that order. But it’s a wind down for us because there are a couple of classes taken by external instructors which gives us chance to get ready to move down to Dorset first thing tomorrow morning.

I think on Thursdays we could easily cram a weeks worth of exercise into one day and the clients would take it with a smile (of sorts) on their faces, it’s the last day and nothing can break their spirits today, not to mention the fact that when you’ve done so much exercise through the week so far however much we cram into one day would seem achievable in their new mindset. All that is left to do in the evening is congratulate them on a job well done, especially those that have finished 2 weeks of constant exercise!

I’m not sure how we are supposed put into words the sheer achievement and respect these girls have earned for their efforts and so at a loss for words we can only hope that from the looks in our eyes and the beaming smiles on our faces they will know how proud we are of their efforts. As for the rest of the group from both the seven and four night courses I don’t want it to feel like we are undermining their own efforts because at FitFarms everyone is an individual and each individual has earned the upmost praise and admiration however long their stay but as their mentor I feel it is necessary to reiterate how proud I am.

On a final note for this week I would just like to say it’s been a real pleasure working with such a group of interesting people yet again here at Matlock and it has put me in a fine mood for our third and final week down in Dorset.

Half Through Another Week At The FitFarms Fat Camp (Report)

Half Through Another Week At The FitFarms Fat Camp (Report)

Never Give Up. Photo credit Victor Stuff.

We’re over half way through the week now and the group are still doing well, there is a notable difference in their energy levels and some are starting to struggle with fatigue both mental and physical but none the less, the effort is still there and that’s all that we ask for.

As instructors we feed of the determination, the effort and enthusiasm and we appreciate how it feels and how hard it is, so when we have a group of people like this weeks, we never get tired..

They may not be able to do as much as they did at the start of the week but they are trying! They are working with every last ounce of energy and giving their all to see each class through to completion and that’s all we need to see, for them we will give every hour of the day to listen, explain, demonstrate and discuss anything they want our input with.

By Friday we will all be emotionally drained mentally exhausted and physically DONE IN!! But it will always be worth it when we have a group of clients willing to give their all and try no matter how hard it is or how tired they get.

Once again and possibly now more than ever, let’s have some support on Facebook. Send in your messages or post your thoughts so that the girls can see that we are walking the path with them and that they are not alone, feeling very humbled at this point in the week to see so many trying hard and pushing their way to complete every class and stay positive.

A big well done from all of us at FitFarms, trainers, cooks, experts and coaches, we are all amazed at your efforts so far.

Almost Completed Another Great Weight Loss Camp (Report)

Almost Completed Another Great Weight Loss Camp (Report)

Exercise Activities at Weight Loss Boot Camp.

Two days of exercise left, lovely weather and a great group of people loving the exercise and the experience, today is a good day. We have a beautiful local walk to look forward to, as well as the life coaching session with Cara, but we end the day on a sad note as it is our final resistance class this evening. “I know right??” But we won’t dwell on that too much.. The excitement begins to build today, whispers of “only another day to go!.. Come on girls we can do this!” Build and travel around camp.

The girls have done so well to this point and if they were to be beaten when so close to the end it would be a tremendous shame. So it’s really good to see them rally together and pull each other along, over the last couple of days alone, the girls have done a mixture of circuits, weights, boxing, kick boxing, high intensity intervals, dancing, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, aquafit, walks, hula hooping, kettlebells, abs, belly dancing, chairobics, bokwa, kick cardio and after all of this they’ve still found the energy to tease and taunt me!! 😉

Just looking at that list I ask the girls “what would you say if we showed you this at the start of the week?” They look at me and for the first time this week! Utter piece and quiet!! relief! however short term it turned out to be.. Only kidding; none of them can believe it, none of them have really let it sink in before now.

This week is always an amazing experience and well worth the leap of faith it takes to book.

Wonderful Day With The Fitness Camp Girls

Wonderful Day With The Fitness Camp Girls

Weight Loss Camp Week. Photo credit Parade.

And we’re back! The team are eager to get started with a new group of girlies, once the initial settling in and unpacking is done the girls meet up for the first time In the dining room ready for their official welcome to FitFarms, then it’s dinner and finally the 1st workshop of the week with Zu.

The group seem quite comfortable already.. It helps that we have quite a few returners and that there are a few strong and happy characters moulding the dynamic in this early stage. For some this will be 2 straight weeks, yes that’s right there is a group with in the group of 9 clients staying for a whole 2 weeks! That’s 2 courses straight through back to back, they seem nervous but capable, and I’m sure the fact that there is nine people doing the same will help them to settle.

We are at the start of a 3 week stint, 2 up in Matlock and one down in Dorset so it’s going to be a busy month for us but if all the weeks go as well as they should there will be a great sense of achievement to follow, not just for the clients but for us as well as 3 weeks in a row is tough going but also so rewarding so we’re looking forward to the challenge!

Anyway that said it is now time to retire ready for our first full day tomorrow, so as always I ask for your support on Facebook and through the website for our new group of clients this week and spare a thought for the emotions and feelings they will be experiencing over these first few days.

Thank you

Great Day At The Holistic Weight Loss Boot Camp

Great Day At The Holistic Weight Loss Boot Camp

Well we survived yesterday! By we I mean the instructors, and by survived I mean we weren’t beaten with our own equipment!

The group worked really hard yesterday and pushed through some major mental barriers of exercise and motivation, so it’s only fair that we give them something they can get excited and be positive about in order to keep the moral as high as possible, so we are going to let them kick us!..

It’s that time of the week again where myself and Ian step up to the challenge of becoming human kick bags for around 3 hours of the morning, in our double trouble session we use kicking techniques as part of our very own take on a legs bums and tums work out. Now I’m not silly! I know that if the ladies went into this session with too much energy in reserve, they would be the only ones walking out of it! So it’s my turn for the wake up workout, and I chooooooooooose……. High intensity interval training!!!! Great way to wear ou…… Er I mean warm up! Those legs ;-)…

After the wake up workout is breakfast and after breakfast is our double trouble session… Perfect timing if you ask me. Whilst the idea of kicking people holding kick pads, or boxing using the focus pads does not appeal to some, because of the aggressive nature of the sport or discipline, we try our very best to relate the techniques to a toning routine that is fantastic for core balance, thighs, bums and tummy muscles some girls really take to it infact I would go so far as to say its one of the most popular sessions we run, with the right coaching and someone to make it relative to your likes and needs it is a fantastic form of exercise and does tick an awful lot of the goals people come to us with.

Moving on thou, whilst half the group is giving myself and Ian a good dose of payback the other half are in their final nutrition workshop, asking questions and learning about the practical application of a healthy approach to eating.

Carsington Lake View

Carsington Lake View

After lunch it is time to go for a walk, it’s one of my favourites, Carsington reservoir, it’s an 8 mile walk around the reservoir with some beautiful views and an easily modifiable route so that it can be equally manageable yet challenging to any level of fitness or ability.

The weather is great the mood is even better and everyone is on a high, in one way or another, either they feel more energised and awake than before, or they are finally starting to de-stress and enjoy life a little or they’re simply feeling more confident and stronger for what they have achieved so far.

Today is a great day and just goes to show how the best training partner you will ever have, lives in your own head!

Bonding with New Friends – Weight Loss Boot Camp Report – 1 Aug 2014

Bonding with New Friends – Weight Loss Boot Camp Report – 1 Aug 2014

Today has been a day of mixed emotions and a strange atmosphere, we usually have a group full of people who are exhausted and elated and absolutely ready to go home tomorrow, that is no different with this weeks group of lovely ladies, however there is a group of 9 of our lovely ladies who won’t be going home tomorrow and I think that is quite a daunting thought for them.

None the less the group have given it their all in everything today and by the end of presentations this evening it was quite the emotional day they have bonded really well this week and I think today it has hit home for the ladies leaving tomorrow that the support they have experienced on this week will not be all that surrounds them when they go home, but the group has been strong for each other this week and there is no reason that can’t continue.

One of the greatest things to come of these weeks is the continued support and the strong relationships built, if there is one tool that will help you succeed through to your goals it’s the support of your piers, on a final note from today, we the instructors have another 2 weeks straight through and thanks to the girls of this course we are in great shape for it, it’s been a real pleasure working with you and I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about how well your doing.

Good luck girls 🙂

Report from the Matlock Holistic Boot Camp – 24 July 2014

Report from the Matlock Holistic Boot Camp – 24 July 2014

Workout and Exercise. Photo Credit MouthsofMums.com.au

Today we have the pleasure of my high intensity interval training for the wake up workout, it’s a good session, very tough but ideal for this point in the week, more intensive means shorter bursts and rest periods more often so it is tough on the body but it doesn’t defeat the mind.

A lot of what stands in the way of our clients when it comes to exercise is the psychology, how they approach this new routine or lifestyle change will have humongous significance to whether they are able to maintain it or whether it gets pushed to one side the next time something gets in the way.

Exercise is not a chore! It is an enjoyable hobby or activity that primarily serves to improve mood, positively balance mental state of mind and increase confidence and inner strength. The reason people think of exercise as a chore is that they are doing it for the wrong reasons or they are doing the wrong type of exercise! If you don’t believe that it’s possible, ask anyone of our thousands of previous clients who have left one of our intensive week realising that not only can they do extreme amounts of exercise but that with the right focus and approach they can enjoy themselves while doing it!

Today is proof of that, you take a group of people who up until this week haven’t done much if any exercise, especially not regularly and by the 5th day full of exercise they are not beaten and miserable, they are not incapable of moving (although stairs do prove to be a challenge!) in fact they are laughing, joking, still getting up at 6 in the morning to exercise and they have just absolutely owned a high intensity workout before breakfast and are still game for more!

To Anyone who doesn’t enjoy exercise.. Don’t give up! Just find the right group of people, the right instructor or the right reason and remember to focus more on what you achieve than what you fall short of.

Report from the Matlock Holistic Boot Camp – 20 July 2014

Report from the Matlock Holistic Boot Camp – 20 July 2014

As always, today is jam packed with things to do, beginning with measurements and mentor sessions, but that’s as nice as it’s going to get, after breakfast the hard work begins with Zu’s introduction to exercise followed by our circuits class with a little extra and then yoga, all before lunch! After lunch the workload continues with boxing, interval training, abs and balls and a little stretch all before dinner.

The last class of the day is an introduction to resistance training with Ian. It’s the basics! Basic techniques, important teaching points and in a simple routine that will act as both a workout and an opportunity to gain a better understanding. This way those that need the technique get the help that they need and those that want a workout get the sweat they need! We are very proud of the fact that here at FitFarms, we are as much about understanding your own body and making informed decisions on your future healthier lifestyle as we are about enjoying the exercise and getting you nearer the end result your looking for.

This week is not going to be an easy one for us, the clients are all very happy and pleasant and seem very keen and jolly, but some are lacking in motivation, severely! But that’s why they’re here, and so we will do our very best to motivate and enthuse them during their stay but by the end of their course they will need to be feeling the benefits and feeling positive in order for them to maintain what they will of achieved through all their hard work. This way they will have proven to themselves how much they are capable of and they will be able to see how it feels to be fitter, fingers crossed for the rest of the week, today has been a good start, let’s just hope the energy and enthusiasm carries them through the week.