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Newcastle Fitness Boot Camp and Weight Loss Retreat

Newcastle Weight Loss Fitness Boot Camp and Holistic Fat Camp

  • Life changing experience
  • Guaranteed weight loss with our scietifically proven programme
  • Aftercare programme delivered by ITV Good Morning Health Guru
  • Large reduction of body fat, healthier BMI and lower blood pressure
  • Greater level of self confidence and body image
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Newcastle Weight Loss Fitness Boot Camp and Fat Camp Location

The FitFarms weight loss fat camp and fitness boot camp will be launching in Newcastle Upon Thyme at the end of this year. We have chosen Newcastle due to the fantastic countryside outside where customers will be participating in some spectacular walks. There will be many highlights at the holistic Newcastle weight loss and fitness boot camp but the main one will be the Keelmans Lodge Memorial Tree Garden Loop from Ryton. We will be setting off from the FitFarms weight loss camp just after breakfast and heading off to Ryton.

The walk is approximately 7 miles but please do not worry if you are not able to complete the full 7 miles. Remember that FitFarms is not a military boot camp, we will work at a level that you feel comfortable with and is manageable to your ability. It’s a beautiful circular walk with pick up points along the way for customers who would like to complete a shorter distance.

The accommodation and indoor training area back on site is fully equipped. It is an area where you can retreat away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life and concentrate on yourself.

Many of our weight loss and fitness camp guests join FitFarms because they have lost their way with exercise and nutrition. The course ultimately kick starts a healthy lifestyle and our dedicated team support you when you arrive home.

There is no magic pill unfortunately customers have to put a lot of effort into the programme, but the rewards are huge. In the past we have had customers losing as much as a 20lbs on the 7 nights programme. We also run six- and five-night courses which are equally as successful.

FitFarms Newcastle will have 3 important areas that will promote each individual’s health to the maximum. The first and most important in mindset as this connects everything to go. You’ve probably heard the phrase healthy mind healthy body, we fully embrace this at FitFarms. The second area is nutrition (we call the medicine). You will find that a lot of companies say this is fuel, which it is but we also look at medicine as away of curing your body. You will eat foods that support your body and even prevent injury. The last part of the programme is exercise which we refer to as movement. The one thing to remember with the exercise is that everyone can do it and everyone will be challenged. There is lots of variety and more importantly lots of fun.

Whilst we are still in the FitFarms Newcastle opening process you’ll be pleased to know that FitFarms Derbyshire is relatively close, and we provide a free transfer service from the train station.

Newcastle Fitness Weight Loss Boot Camp Directions

Travelling by Train

The average train takes about five and half hours. The train fare is approximately £120. There are a couple of changes before you get to Matlock station. The last one is at Derby where you get onto a local train to Matlock. Remember not to get off at Matlock Bath but stay on for one more stop and exit the train at Matlock station.

Travelling by Car

If you drive this is definitely the best option. We are only 2 hours and 50 minutes from Newcastle. There is plenty of free parking space on site. Sat Navs tend to take you to Matlock Farm Park which is just around the corner from FitFarms. Simply pass Matlock Farm Park on your left goto the bottom of the road and take a right and we are the first on the right.

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