The schedule at FitFarms is tailored to your current fitness level and your individual needs. You will also receive an easy to follow App that will support you after your residential programme. The FitFarms App is set up on your phone and the team will monitor and support you whilst you progress at home.

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General Questions

  • What are the start and finish times of the different courses?

    7 Nights in the UK start on a Friday at 5pm and finish the following Friday at 10am.

    7 Nights in Spain and Portugal start with the pick up at the airport which is either at 2pm or 7pm.

    6 Nights start on the Saturday at 12pm and finish on the Friday at 10am.

    5 Nights that begin on the Friday start at 5pm and finish on the Wednesday at 5pm.

    5 Nights that begin on the Sunday start at 12pm and finish on the Friday at 10am.

  • I will not be able to make the start time of the course can I join later?

    Yes you can join us later. One of the health team will meet you and go through everything you have missed.

  • What types of exercises will I do whilst I am at the Fitness Camp?

    Most of the exercises are designed to burn body fat and tone lean muscle. The programme has been designed to expose you to as many different exercises as possible. Your mentor will design your post course programme around the exercises you enjoyed whilst at FitFarms. Some of the exercises you can expect are; circuit training, boxercise, salsacise, tai chi, martial arts for fitness, hikes, kettlebells, resistance bands, resistance ropes, swimming, cycling, step aerobics, core training, body combat, pilates, yoga, Vipr to name but a few.

  • I am very unfit and worried that I may not be able to keep up with the group. Will the course be adapted to my fitness level?

    Yes. Once you have completed the health and fitness assessment with your mentor you will be devised an exercise programme that is suitable for your standard. The mentor will assess you as you go through the programme and will lower or raise the standard as you progress through the programme.

  • I have a medical condition and there will be some exercises I cannot do. Can you adapt the programme?

    Yes we can take on nearly all different types of medical conditions. The health professionals will always give safe and effective alternatives so your exercise programme remains balanced.

  • I exercise on a regular basis and would like to know if the exercise programme will be challenging?

    Yes we split into small groups and you will be working out with people of a similar fitness level to yourself. The FitFarms personal trainers will complete the exercises with you so as long as you are not as fit as them you will be challenged for the whole duration of the programme.

  • Should I book onto the HBMI course or your original course?

    We can take nearly all levels of fitness on our original programme. However if you feel that your BMI is high and you have become very inactive our HBMI course may be more suitable. If you email your BMI to or call us on 0800 634 3070 we will make sure that you are put on the best suitable course.

  • What results will I achieve?

    FitFarms guarantees that you lose weight, tone your body, drop body fat, increase your fitness level and gain a more positive attitude towards food and exercise. You will then go home to a post course support programme and carry on progressing.

  • Are your health team medically trained?

    Yes all our health team have been medically trained. FitFarms have also run many separate weight loss and fitness weeks for one of the countries largest PLC companies so you can be ensured that you are joining a very safe and effective programme.

  • What clothing will I need to bring at the Fitness Camp?

    General sports clothing and a good quality pair of trainers. We will send you a complete clothing list upon booking.

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