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FitFarms Weight Loss And Fitness Retreat At Home

FitFarms Online provides you with the full weight loss and fitness retreat experience that is tailored to your lifestyle and can be followed in the comfort of your home. The 7 day Weight Loss Retreat programme starts with a telephone call where we write a manageable and effective programme. We understand the importance of work commitments, so there's no need to take time off. The programme is flexible and will devise the schedule to accommodate your day-to-day lifestyle.

  • Award Winning Weight Loss And Fitness Retreat Programme Online
  • Beginning Middle And End Programme Telephone Calls
  • Live Workout And Mind Coaching Session
  • ITV Fitness Guru Workshops And Exercise Sessions
  • Great Support To Make Sure You Get The Best Results
  • Easy To Follow Videos
  • Results Tracker Making Sure You Reach Your Goals
  • FitFarms Personal Retreat Mentor Who Tracks And Motivates You
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FitFarms Retreat Online

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Get The Kick Start Needed To Lead A Healthy And Sustainable Lifestyle

FitFarms has a passionate online team of health professionals covering nutrition, mind therapy and a wide selection of fitness sessions.

FitFarms Retreat Online Results

The FitFarms Retreat will not only help you lose weight, body fat and inches it will change the way you think about exercise and nutrition. The programme also builds self confidence and self esteem.

  • How Does The FitFarms Online Retreat Work?

    Following the FitFarms Online Retreat is extremely easy. It's a simple to follow app which provides you with a FitFarms Retreat schedule just like if you were at our residential programme. Our app notifies you when your next exercise, workshop or meal is and you just follow the programme.

  • Nutrition And Cookery Programme

    The science behind the FitFarms nutrition programme is balancing blood sugar levels and portion control. We don't believe it diets, we believe is healthy sustainable balanced meals that can be created by anybody at anytime. You will be provided with the ingredients for the course of your programme and you simply follow our easy cooking methods. We also give you all our recipes so you will have a library of healthy cooking dishes at your fingertips.

  • Workouts Tailored To Your Current Fitness Level

    The FitFarms Retreat workout programmes have different intensity levels and we also provide individual workouts for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced. We've been prescribing award winning exercise programmes since 2006 and we know how important it is for you to feel that the programme is challenging, progressive and manageable.

  • Educational Workshops

    The programme starts with a 20 minute telephone call to determine your goals and objectives. In the middle of your programme you will have a zoom call to take part in a Mind Coaching workshop which finishes with a fun workout exercise. At the end of the programme you will finish with telephone call to make sure you are prepared for a healthy future.

  • Personal Mentor To Make Sure You Reach Your Goals

    Good quality support, encouragement and knowledge when following a weight loss and fitness retreat programme is often the difference between completing a programme and reaching your goals or stopping the programme altogether and going back to your old habits. It sounds simple but over the years we have learnt that at least 75% of success is down to providing our customers with a safe, positive and encouraging environment. You are given your own personal mentor who guides you through the programme and makes sure you stay on track for the long run. Your mentor will be tracking your results, motivating and most of all supporting you to reach your goals.

  • The FitFarms Support Community

    A FitFarms community of like-minded people. You will find there are lots of other people in the community with the same past experiences so you feel part of an empathetic community of people who share the same goals and challenges, who can encourage each other to the programme.

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