Edinburgh Weight Loss Retreat and UK Fitness Boot Camp

Weight Loss Retreat Edinburgh Fitness Boot Camp

Edinburgh Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Boot Camp

We have opened a new site to run the FitFarms weight loss retreat courses close to Edinburgh. This location is based just outside Edinburgh amongst the Scottish highlands. With wonderful river and loch walks. One of the highland walks picked out by our team is a 6 mile route taking in the beautiful Scottish countryside. We always focus on making the walks and program to meet everyone's different fitness level.

We specialise in lifestyle change as well as just weight loss. We want to guarantee as much as possible that you’ll walk away from FitFarms and strive further in your weight loss journey.

We use a variety of exercises and workshops to expand your knowledge for when you leave the course. These include nutrition, cooking and mindset workshops and a range of exercises including pilates and dance classes. We don’t only focus on your physical mindset and health but also your mental, and this is important to maintain your goals.

The diet plan you follow at FitFarms is as important as the exercise and workshop factors of the course. Expanding your knowledge on options you have to cook easily and healthily at home is something that’s important you take back with you.

We also hold cooking workshops in your weekly programs to give you more knowledge on preparing food. Also nutrition workshops to teach you about what you need to include in your day to day meals.

Edinburgh Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Boot Camp Location

Some of our customers arrive  by train and the stations a short 20 minute drive from the site. Transport is something we can help provide, so if your travelling via train we provide a taxi from the station to the FitFarms site.

Travelling by train

Glen Lochay is a short 2 hour train ride from Edinburgh differing on the day. The train station we run free transfers from is Crianlarich.

Travelling by car

If travelling by car it takes around the same amount of time, about 2 and a half hours. When closer to the site directions will be available on the website. Parking is available at the site throughout your stay.

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