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The FitFarms Team have been chosen not only for their advanced weight loss and fitness qualifications but also their personal skills. FitFarms is particularly strong in nutrition and psychology and has written regular columns in “The Daily Telegraph” and appeared in media titles like the “Psychologies Magazine”. The FitFarms team are all extremely approachable, knowledgeable and they will work with you to reach your short and long term goals.

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  • Stephen Cole

    Stephen Cole

    FitFarms Director

    Stephen started his Health and Fitness career as a professional squash coach in Denmark coaching the National Senior and Junior Teams. When arriving back in the UK he worked as a Health Chef and Personal Trainer at the prestigious Chelsea Harbour Club in London. Stephen provided a service to the Harbour Club customers which included a variety of celebrities and members of the Royal Family. Stephen has recently been featured on ITV News advising on Food Types for Weight Loss and Optimum Health. In 2012 Stephen was recognised by the London City Magazine as one of the country's leading Health and Fitness Entrepreneurs. He successfully completed the Hotel and Catering International Management Association Programme which is now the Institute of Hospitality. His main passion is to bring a high standard of Health and Hospitality to the general public.

  • Jane Aston

    Jane Aston

    Massage and Beauty Therapist

    Jane is a fully qualified Massage Therapist and Beautician. She holds her advanced Anatomy and Physiology qualifications which enables her to carry out a wide range of massages including Full Body Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping and Indian Head Massage. Jane also offers a full list of Beauty Therapies, the most popular being her ‘Elemis’ deep pore, cleansing, exfoliation and extractions treatment.

  • Gosia Truszczynska

    Gosia Truszczynska

    Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist

    Gosia has obtained a Bachelor's Degree and then furthered her Nutrition knowledge by attaining a Masters Degree in Nutrition Science from London Metropolitan University. Her fitness and nutrition career started from a very young age and she has never looked back. She has always worked in the Wellbeing Industry and her Fitness Classes, Nutrition Workshops are Nationally recognised. Gosia specializes in body toning exercises and has recently featured on television with her very own ‘Body Tone Beach Workout’. Gosia has a wealth of knowledge and her workshops are always an eye opener on the FitFarms courses. She is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and her exercise classes are great fun, challenging and always manageable.

  • Georgia Taylor

    Georgia Taylor

    Macro Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach

    Georgia has over 10 years experience of coaching nutrition and exercise. She helps clients drop the diet mentality and coach how to eat and enjoy the foods they love. Georgia is proud to be a fat loss and macronutrients specialists, helping clients find consistency in their nutrition and exercise routines. Georgia's teaching has a lot of emphasis on focus, balance and consistency. Her exercise sessions and workshops always have a positive vibe and she inspires guests to make long term healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Kim Chantelle Robinson

    Kim Chantelle Robinson

    Wellbeing Coach and Fitness Specialist

    Kim has over 10 years in the fitness industry. She is multi qualified and specialises in HIIT, Circuits, Resistance and Dance. Kims sessions are tailored to the individual and broken down into small pieces so everyone can progress through the class. The classes are built around building confidence and self esteem through fun modern techniques. Kim brings a real energy to the programme and her classes are always uplifting.

  • Andrea Cross

    Andrea Cross

    Yoga and Pilates Instructor

    Andrea has worked as a Yoga Instructor for 15 years and a Pilates Instructor for 12 years. She has a fun approach to the sessions but is also great at delivering a progressive class for all fitness standards. It does not matter if you are advanced or an absolute beginner with no flexibility Andrea will tailor her class to accommodate you.

  • Bruno Camacho

    Bruno Camacho

    Salsa Instructor

    Bruno is a professionally qualified and highly successful Salsa/Latin dance instructor and choreographer. With over 20 years experience in the industry, he does not just teach you to dance, he will bring a real enthusiasm into your step! The dance & fitness classes are always well received by the FitFarms guests and bring a great deal of fun to the week. Bruno also competes at national dance congresses, to keep himself up to date with his dancing and on top of the salsa scene.

  • Reace Mills

    Reace Mills

    Mind Coach and Exercise Specialist

    Reace has successfully completed his Psychology Bachelor of Arts Degree and specialises in outdoor education and self esteem. He has worked Internationally as a Professional Fitness Instructor, specialising in weight loss, strength and conditioning. His main focus is starting at the foundations, building up mental and physical health in order for customers to improve their self esteem and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Heather Sampson

    Heather Sampson

    Pilates Instructor

    Heather started her career as an award winning classical ballet, modern jazz and tap dancer. In her earlier years she trained at the prestigious Urdang Academy and later became the principal instructor at Pineapple Studios, London. Heather brings lots of fun to her classes whilst providing a detailed, progressive structure to each movement.

  • Fionna Fretwell

    Fionna Fretwell

    Dance and Posture Coach

    Fiona trained in dance and performing arts. She then entered a career as a professional dance instructor for over 12 years. When her dance career came to an end she turned trained as a dance and posture coach and now delivers sessions at FitFarms Norfolk. Fiona's sessions are uplifting and her posture sessions help improve balance, stability and core strength

  • Justin Lord

    Justin Lord

    Online Aftercare Programme Trainer

    Justin Lord heads up the FitFarms Online Aftercare Programme. Justin is the former ITV Health Guru and Celebrity Trainer. Justin's nutrition and exercise videos are informative, engaging and enlightening. He has the ability to develop an extremely high standard of performance through video guiding people through the FitFarms online aftercare programme.

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