Posted on 16 Apr 2016

100% Mindset

We have probably all heard the suggested lifestyle approach of 70% nutrition 30% exercise, (The fitness industry does like its stats to try and sell its newest direction or fad) or that you can't out train a bad diet? Well what about the people who aren't ready for this particular philosophy yet? Those of us who have tried and tried then failed and failed.. I would wager that the number of us who have yo yo dieted, bought memberships to gyms they have never used, forked out for equipment that gathers dust or props up the washing pile, far out weigh those that need to think about how diet and exercise should be honed to achieve better results. We get a total spectrum of clients on these courses mostly looking for "that one thing" that will make it all fall in to place, some are already enjoying exercise and healthy eating some haven't even started. All of my adult life I have been a pt, and I have always worked with "the average client" not clubs or teams or athletes. if there is one thing I can say is a constant is that people think they need help with motivation.... They don't!

The time and effort our typical client has put into trying diets or exercise plans, or both! before they come to see us just goes to show they have the motivation just not the right direction. As a course this is what we focus on, no matter what a clients goals we can help make sense of both the changes they need to make and the changes they are able to make and how to put both kinds into a plan for moving forward. It's true that a good diet is important to our health and our ability to exercise efficiently, it is also true for exercise but we cannot ignore the need to get the mind on board, if we get some sense of achievement from what we do, some form of enjoyment then it will become much more manageable a task!

Andy Baker

Special blog post editorial from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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