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Day 3 in the Fitfarms holistic weight loss boot camp house

Today is Monday at the FitFarms London weight loss boot camp and we start again with some key mobility movement before breakfast. I find it’s easier to get clients to buy into the aerobic classes, the resistance classes and the hiit classes than it is the mobility ones sometimes.

So driven are we to sweat to prove we are burning calories and to burn calories to prove we are losing weight and to lose weight to prove we are achieving any of our goals that the most important bits are often not considered enough.. anyway that’s a point for another blog.

Those that attend the morning sessions talk over breakfast about how much better they feel and looser than they did when they first woke up, which I smugly point out is the whole aim of the holistic weight loss boot camp exercise.

After breakfast we have quite a busy morning planned with a local walk and then our second boxing session (the first one went down so well everyone was keen for a second) and then lunch comes around before we know it.

The local walk was great, it was lovely weather fresh air and countryside and it makes such a difference to mood when it all comes together like that, then boxing is great for the endorphins and releasing a little stress so much so the clients don’t realise how hard they’re working then by the time lunch came around spirits were riding high but energy levels low.

Not to worry thou as after lunch we have our first nutrition workshop and and a movement and agility based circuit class both of which were more mentally engaging than physically challenging.

In the nutrition workshop Lesley Harper lays the foundations, explains in a very complete way how and why we need certain foods and the effects of stress on the body and she also starts to unpick a few myths and misrepresentations. Lesley has been a long serving member of BANT and her workshops are extremely informative.

In the other room Jen breaks down movement, co-ordination, posture and balance and all things fundamental about movement. All in all a great day, well rounded, informative, de-stressful  after dinner there is one last stretch class to end the day and the evening snack and then we are officially half way through the week.

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report – Valentines Day 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report – Valentines Day 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Valentines day at the weight loss retreat in the Cotswolds! Everyone’s up and early to start the day with their first set of measurements, Dan and myself meet the ladies at the studio to get the week started swiftly. For most of the clients attending Fitfarms results will be the main source of motivation and when Friday comes around nerves are at an all time high! However as trainers we believe that regular physical activities focus should be the enjoyment factor, if you’re enjoying what you’re doing you won’t want to give it up!

Following this we hold the first workshop of the week. All clients get a chance to discuss reasons for attending the course and any goals and fitness ambitions they may have. The workshop helps ladies feel at ease around each other and the trainers. This week’s workshop went particularly well with ladies interacting with each other and understanding how to handle a variety of situations. Moving onto the fun stuff, exercise!!

Saturday is an especially hard day, the toughest of all, carry your excess. Carry your excess is a circuit class using dumbbells carried in a backpack to mimic the effect of putting on and then loosing that excess weight. Here as trainers we can emphasise the impact that additional weight can have on joints and ability to move! Lunch is followed by an afternoon full of activity, leading to a total of 8 hours of exercise in day 1!!

Most of the clients can quite believe they’ve achieved this in their first day, and are quick to escape to their rooms for a well deserved nights rest! I’m sure they all filled with excitement for Sunday, bringing them the first wake up workout!

Image Credit: Momsmagazine.com

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – First Week 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – First Week 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent FitFarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

It’s the start of a new year and we are beginning our first week of 2015 today, all the team have arrived on time despite the snow fall and darwin lakes; our venue for the first fit farms weight loss retreat of 2015 is all prepared and ready to receive the guests.

The Matlock venue has some amazing views of the good old British countryside most of the year round, but they are especially beautiful when covered in a pure white blanket of snow. Thou I’m sure Helen and Daniel two of our trainers would disagree. As always we begin our welcome talk at around 6pm, everyone has managed to arrive safe and sound and all are now settled in and ready to go, it feels like a good start to the week, we have a lovely group with some great characters, everyone has arrived safe and on time and whilst cold the weather is undeniably beautiful, again something that Helen and dan may share a different view on.

After the welcome talk the group head over to the studio for the first time, here they will have a light warm up and get to know each other a little better before heading back over for dinner. That is basically it for this evening, on the first night we like everyone to take the time to get to know each other and to get settled in their surroundings, it’s important for the good of the group that everyone has a positive start and feels at ease around those they will share their experience with.

Tomorrow will be the longest day of the week and the group are going to love it when it’s over, so for now we will let them rest! Good night all, sleep well and keep safe.

Andy Baker

Image Credit: Selfremake.com

FitFarms Journal 26 October 2014

FitFarms Journal 26 October 2014

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

So into the 2nd week we go, with such a large group of 2 weekers it has created a strange dynamic for the group as we have fewer new comers than we do those on their 2nd week so it is like having 2 separate groups running at the same time, the girls all get on fine, the newbies as Zu has affectionately named them are eager to get started and find out what FitFarms is all about and the “busy bees” Zu’s name for our group of 2 weekers whilst a little apprehensive about doing it all over again are at least more comfortable in their surroundings and relying on the support from the group and ourselves to get them through these first 2 really tough days.

As we now run so many different length courses alongside each other we have to be extra careful to give everyone the experience they deserve as well as the attention necessary to help them take this first step, for some; and one of many for others towards a healthier lifestyle. To do this we have mentor groups, so each one of us has a core group of people to pay more attention to and to spend a little extra time with, just as a way of completing the experience.

Over these 2 weeks I have been working with our busy bees as their mentor whilst Zu has handled the 7 day clients from each course and Ian has worked with the weekenders and the mid weekers. One to one sessions work! They allow the clients to open up and discuss whatever they feel is pertinent to making the necessary changes and making the kind of connection with them that allows them to trust us and talk to us. In some cases the clients quite simply need a kickstart, a bit of motivation, they have no hang ups, no underlying health issues, they just want to get into this fitness bug they have either been hearing about from others or have experienced for themselves in the past, most of all they want to feel good! So the one to one sessions with them are more about getting to know what they like/dislike what we can do during the week to help them and if we can recommend or suggest anything that would suit them and their needs.

By the end of today we have seen some shy and uncertain faces become more relaxed and confident ( and that’s just us instructors!) and we have seen some weary and apprehensive faces become more determined, and then there are a few characters whose faces haven’t changed at all since they joined us over a week ago and I still can’t decide if it’s happiness or pain that we see 🙂 but I’m almost sure it must be happiness! I mean who wouldn’t be happy here 😀

Weight Loss Camp Report (Matlock) – 11 Sept 2014

Weight Loss Camp Report (Matlock) – 11 Sept 2014

Today we are following the usual schedule wake up workout being my high intensity workout then double trouble after breakfast and the second of the nutrition workshops then after lunch it’s an 8 mile walk around Carsington reservoir, or run if your up for it?

Followed by dinner and your second instalment of resistance training with Ian for the week. Considering this is the 4th day in a row of exercise for some and the 11th for others the amount of effort being witnessed in each of the activities is awesome, people are not sitting down and refusing because they have done enough and they are not giving just enough, they are going for it! Giving every last piece of themselves not because of the results they want to achieve, but because they are like addicts on a high, only their drug is the oxygen coursing through the blood to their muscles and brain, giving them a feeling of slight euphoria and child like energy, they feel anew!

This is how exercise should affect us all! It shouldn’t be something we do in order to look better in clothes or the mirror it shouldn’t be another chore we have to complete it has to be something we want to do! Something we need in our lives and that we miss when it’s not there.

This is the focus of FitFarms, changing lives! Helping our clients enjoy their exercise and see that there is someway of both seeing results and enjoying achieving them, our exercise routine is set up to allow the fittest and unfit to stand next to each other in a class or walk side by side outdoors and still both get what they need from it, both feel a sense of achievement and achieve that happy state of mind from the endorphins released by good healthy exercise, it serves to prove that we can all enjoy exercise and get out what we put in. It also highlights the fact that it is our head! Our mind, our perception of self and our own insecurities that stop us from enjoying ourselves.

These girls started the week not knowing each other and judging each other not because they wanted to be nasty or judgmental but because it’s a natural I stick to asses possible threats. Only, once they had gotten to know each other a little more and were able to relax around each other and bond the exercise felt more friendly and even the tough classes and breakdown points were easier to handle because of the bonds made with each other and the support given.

The reason I being this up is that we have a lot of people missing out on their opportunity to experience this because they are afraid they won’t be accepted or that they will be too unfit and hold the rest of the group back. The truth is that exercise isn’t just competitive it is team building as well, you don’t have to be great to fit in you just need to give your all and get involved, the friends you will make through exercise could be some of the closest friends you have, or they may just be the kind of friends that understand that particularly tough time in your life when you were trying to get fit and will always be there should you need them again.

I am not a people person by nature, In fact quite the opposite, some weeks exhaust me just from the constant interaction, but I have benefited so much from meeting all these wonderful people that I could never be the person I am without this job and the people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Now! I’ve ranted enough for today, but if your one of the people who has always avoided exercise for some of the reasons I’ve discussed then I hope my rant may help to convince you to try it and see what happens, I know for a fact the girls this week will not be regretting their decision.

Weight Loss Camp Report – 7 Sept 2014

Weight Loss Camp Report – 7 Sept 2014

In this Photo: The weight loss camp group resting during their walk workout activity. 

This blog post is a review from one of our weight loss camp day happenings as reported by our fitness course trainers and managers.

As this is the second week for a rather large portion of the group, (9 girls to be exact. We have kept the schedule roughly the same but changed the content so as it is a different experience but with some level of familiarity.

The local walks for instance are different but roughly the same distance, difficulty or time etc.

The classes have the same structure but different content and the workshops cover the same content with a little extra, or the chance to take a bit of time off, orrrrrrrrrr preferably do twice the amount of exercise! 😉

Anyway we are at the start of this day only 2 days away from the completion of another FitFarms week which in itself is a great achievement but atop of this it is the completion of the 2 weekers stay. So as you can imagine there is a real sense of excitement and a noticeable build up of relief as they prepare for their final day.

With a local walk and Zu’s dance workshop and a life coaching workshop with the lovely Cara, we are looking forward to a feel good kind of day capped off with the hardest and most enjoyable resistance class I can muster the energy to instruct.. I know! I know! I work too hard and I should take it easy … But I owe it to my girls to work them as hard as I can 😉

Tomorrow is the last day of the 7 night, 4 night and 14 night courses. That’s a lot of people realising affirming and committing to the changes they need to make before they make their journey home on the Friday so with all joking aside today is a good day to get serious and prepare because come Friday they will need to do it all on their own.