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Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 29 March 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 29 March 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

This morning begins with our first wake up workout lead by Helen, bearing in mind a lot of our usual clients have either never participated in exercise or not participated for a long time; the morning after a day of around 6-8 hours of exercise may be a tender one. But never the less a full turn out for our first morning class is a good sign! It’s quite common that people are surprised at how much exercise they can do in one day and an even bigger surprise to them that they can then get up the next day sometimes stiff as a board and do the same again. Today we have further introductions to exercise including kettlebells core exercise, hiit training and some amazing core exercises that don’t require a single sit up we also have our first off site walk and and a workshop based on a balanced approach to health and exercise.

So another full day finished off with our second resistance work out and fueled by our lovely chef and her amazing food. By the end of today the guys and girls will have worked out for a total of 13 and a half hours over these past 2 days which is a massive achievement tomorrow will see the first of our nutrition workshops a cycle ride and lots more exercise but the group is stronger today than they were yesterday and I dare say will be stronger again tomorrow for all that they have achieved today.

A Massive well done for your work so far guys, a great effort by all!

Andy Baker

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The Fitness Camp Team are Completing a Fitness Exercise with the Kettlebell

Here we have Andy showing us how to do the kettlebell clean, twist and press. Ian talks us through the negative and positive twist.

It’s quite an advanced kettlebell technique so take your time and break down each exercise. FitFarms teaches this exercise during the fitness holiday so if you are not under instruction please take note of this video and watch the technique that is being performed.

Weight Loss Retreat Report – Kettlebells at the Fitness Retreat

Weight Loss Retreat Report – Kettlebells at the Fitness Retreat

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent FitFarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Every day that passes the weather just keeps getting better, still a cold morning but with Ian’s cardio kick class to warm them up it isn’t long before the girls are down to t-shirts and shorts and sweating out while they practice kicking out.

After breakfast we took the bus down the beach and enjoyed a morning of sun sea and exercise, the girls worked really hard in the first session on team work and intervals , running in the sand and bodyweight exercises on the step as well as a bucket race and some fun and games with a kettlebell… (Those who know me will understand my disgust at the improper use of my kettlebells) but at least the group enjoyed themselves, and as I said they worked really hard!

And after snack they were rewarded by some games on the beach, so the group got split into two and one half played volleyball and the other half played netball. It is inexplicable! The reaction we get from the groups when we include sports and team games as exercise is fantastic they go from shattered to energiser bunnies because they are enjoying themselves and it really emphasises the importance of fun in a routine.

By the end of today the girls are still buzzing, enjoying the regular exercise and variety, enjoying the fresh and beautifully tasty food and really taking on board what fit farms is all about cant wait to see how the rest of the week goes, if the weather continues on like this it should be amazing!

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