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Day 3 in the Fitfarms holistic weight loss boot camp house

Today is Monday at the FitFarms London weight loss boot camp and we start again with some key mobility movement before breakfast. I find it’s easier to get clients to buy into the aerobic classes, the resistance classes and the hiit classes than it is the mobility ones sometimes.

So driven are we to sweat to prove we are burning calories and to burn calories to prove we are losing weight and to lose weight to prove we are achieving any of our goals that the most important bits are often not considered enough.. anyway that’s a point for another blog.

Those that attend the morning sessions talk over breakfast about how much better they feel and looser than they did when they first woke up, which I smugly point out is the whole aim of the holistic weight loss boot camp exercise.

After breakfast we have quite a busy morning planned with a local walk and then our second boxing session (the first one went down so well everyone was keen for a second) and then lunch comes around before we know it.

The local walk was great, it was lovely weather fresh air and countryside and it makes such a difference to mood when it all comes together like that, then boxing is great for the endorphins and releasing a little stress so much so the clients don’t realise how hard they’re working then by the time lunch came around spirits were riding high but energy levels low.

Not to worry thou as after lunch we have our first nutrition workshop and and a movement and agility based circuit class both of which were more mentally engaging than physically challenging.

In the nutrition workshop Lesley Harper lays the foundations, explains in a very complete way how and why we need certain foods and the effects of stress on the body and she also starts to unpick a few myths and misrepresentations. Lesley has been a long serving member of BANT and her workshops are extremely informative.

In the other room Jen breaks down movement, co-ordination, posture and balance and all things fundamental about movement. All in all a great day, well rounded, informative, de-stressful  after dinner there is one last stretch class to end the day and the evening snack and then we are officially half way through the week.

Badminton, HIIT, Yoga – Matlock Weight Loss Camp Day, 2 July 2015

Badminton, HIIT, Yoga – Matlock Weight Loss Camp Day, 2 July 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Badminton, HIIT Training and Yoga

Only 2 days left at FitFarms and clients are really starting to notice positive changes in their body composition, fitness and physical appearance. It is amazing! We start today as usual with our wake up workout, this being our final day of exercise sees the group of girls in a great mood and everybody is ready for the completion of the life changing challenge they have set themselves.

After breakfast, we have a short walk down to the local leisure center; where we will spend an hour and a half playing badminton and having a first time go for most at spinning, before we set them loose on the unsuspecting locals enjoying a leisurely swim in the pool. This takes them up until lunch and will prepare the ladies for a strong finish to the week with what is on the timetable for the afternoon.

This afternoon will be the final push, the last blast, the sprint for the finish line! With our last blast session outside consisting mainly of relays and short bursts of energy then snack… And Sean’s last session of HIIT training, after this we end the day with a yoga session before dinner and then a salsa session to get them all in the mood for a great presentations session. This may have been the final full day of the week but the girls certainly haven’t slowed down, in fact it’s safe to say regardless of the results at measurements tomorrow morning this group of girls can absolutely say they gave it everything they had and then some.

It’s been another great week at FitFarms and the group have been tremendous, thank you all for this experience and the best of luck for tomorrow!

Andy Baker

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Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 29 March 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 29 March 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

This morning begins with our first wake up workout lead by Helen, bearing in mind a lot of our usual clients have either never participated in exercise or not participated for a long time; the morning after a day of around 6-8 hours of exercise may be a tender one. But never the less a full turn out for our first morning class is a good sign! It’s quite common that people are surprised at how much exercise they can do in one day and an even bigger surprise to them that they can then get up the next day sometimes stiff as a board and do the same again. Today we have further introductions to exercise including kettlebells core exercise, hiit training and some amazing core exercises that don’t require a single sit up we also have our first off site walk and and a workshop based on a balanced approach to health and exercise.

So another full day finished off with our second resistance work out and fueled by our lovely chef and her amazing food. By the end of today the guys and girls will have worked out for a total of 13 and a half hours over these past 2 days which is a massive achievement tomorrow will see the first of our nutrition workshops a cycle ride and lots more exercise but the group is stronger today than they were yesterday and I dare say will be stronger again tomorrow for all that they have achieved today.

A Massive well done for your work so far guys, a great effort by all!

Andy Baker

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Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 15th February 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 15th February 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Sunday started with a challenging wake up workout from our lively trainer Dan. Here the women had both their mental and physical strength tested during a session consisting of static holds and body weight exercises. A huge congratulations to everyone that took part, it’s not easy getting up and moving for that first session of the day, but will power and determination shone through!

Sunday was packed full of varying sessions. I took the clients through a 45 minute abs and core sessions, which was full of moans as those stiff muscles were worked! The clients were then in for a treat with some PNF stretching led by Dan. PNF stretching involves working with a partner to facilitate different muscles allowing an increased stretch to be achieved. It’s highly important to stretch regularly and maintain or improve the flexibility in movement, stretches muscles will work more effectively allowing you to work harder or longer during your physical activity! After lunch every bodies legs got a rest as we held our fitness workshop, allowing all clients to have a better understanding of the different components of exercise.

Finally the ladies completed a HIIT class led by all three of us, their first local walk of the week, and a resistance class focusing on compound whole body movements. Another busy day for the ladies, but everyone gave it there all, and even with a smile on their face!

Massive well done for the effort so far, and let’s keep this going all week!

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