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Day 3 in the Fitfarms holistic weight loss boot camp house

Today is Monday at the FitFarms London weight loss boot camp and we start again with some key mobility movement before breakfast. I find it’s easier to get clients to buy into the aerobic classes, the resistance classes and the hiit classes than it is the mobility ones sometimes.

So driven are we to sweat to prove we are burning calories and to burn calories to prove we are losing weight and to lose weight to prove we are achieving any of our goals that the most important bits are often not considered enough.. anyway that’s a point for another blog.

Those that attend the morning sessions talk over breakfast about how much better they feel and looser than they did when they first woke up, which I smugly point out is the whole aim of the holistic weight loss boot camp exercise.

After breakfast we have quite a busy morning planned with a local walk and then our second boxing session (the first one went down so well everyone was keen for a second) and then lunch comes around before we know it.

The local walk was great, it was lovely weather fresh air and countryside and it makes such a difference to mood when it all comes together like that, then boxing is great for the endorphins and releasing a little stress so much so the clients don’t realise how hard they’re working then by the time lunch came around spirits were riding high but energy levels low.

Not to worry thou as after lunch we have our first nutrition workshop and and a movement and agility based circuit class both of which were more mentally engaging than physically challenging.

In the nutrition workshop Lesley Harper lays the foundations, explains in a very complete way how and why we need certain foods and the effects of stress on the body and she also starts to unpick a few myths and misrepresentations. Lesley has been a long serving member of BANT and her workshops are extremely informative.

In the other room Jen breaks down movement, co-ordination, posture and balance and all things fundamental about movement. All in all a great day, well rounded, informative, de-stressful  after dinner there is one last stretch class to end the day and the evening snack and then we are officially half way through the week.

FitFarms Spain – June 2018 Fitness Camp Review

people running exerciseIt’s Thursday early morning and we’re on our way to the Spain fitness camp and weight loss retreat.

This year we have changed the way we are running the weight loss and fitness retreat as we have lowered the number of guests to 12. The main reason for this is to improve the one to one attention we give the guests at the retreat. However we will be running more retreats so the intake of guests over the year will actually be more just a better standard of course.

One of the best things about the Spain weight loss retreat is the standard of food that can be bought in the supermarkets and local wholesalers. There is a fresh fish and meat market in the local town which is just 10 minutes away from the Villa. I’m cheffing this week and am already looking forward to seeing the variety of food types with all the different Mediterranean colours. There will be some videos coming up in the next couple of days of the food and the markets.

When we arrive in Malaga we will jump in a car and drive to a huge natural lake in Andalucia to do the first walk risk assessment. It’s going to be very hot so I’m not really looking forward to the run. Then we are driving down to the ancient city of Granada for the second risk assessment walk. Finally we will go back to Malaga to meet some food wholesalers and buy some more sports equipment for the FitFarms fitness camp and weight loss week ahead.

Fitness camp review by the FitFarms team. FitFarms specialises in Fitness and Weight Loss Holidays for people of all different fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Check out our next courses here.


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FitFarms Spain – Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 14 Mar 2015

FitFarms Spain – Weight Loss Camp Day Report –  14 Mar 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Clients began their FitFarms Spain adventure with the last few minutes of Spanish sun on Saturday afternoon. The ladies friendship began to grow as they lay by the poolside sharing traveling tales. Following Fitfarms tradition the first evening is filled with time spent introducing ourselves and clients getting to know each other and what the week entails. Within the evening the girls head across to the kitchen to tuck into their first Fitfarms meal which bob had created for us. The group seem relaxed and settled quickly which is a good sign.

Following dinner the group are free to chill out and explore the site ready for a big first day. The three of us spend the night discussing session plans for the week ahead and set ourselves up for early morning weigh ins.

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The Fitness Camp has Arrived in Javea Spain

The Fitness Camp has Arrived in Javea Spain

There is always a little more organising and setting up when the FitFarms fitness camp runs in Spain.

Firstly the fitness retreat team of Zuzana, Ian, Suzanne and Lynnie fly in to Alicante airport from East Midlands and Birmingham airport.

They are met at the airport by Stephen and then into a car and up the pretty Costa Blanca coastline to Javea.

The Spain Fitness Camp is absolutely stunning with villas overlooking a pool which is ideal for workouts and relaxing in the pool between fitness sessions.

The majority of the guest arrive by plane and

The group are as always completely mixed with different sizes, shapes, weights and fitness levels.

There’s a real nervous start because guest are worried that they might not be able to keep with the exercise and weight loss camp programme. The FitFarms way is such that the programme is completely designed to fit around all levels of fitness.

As soon as the Welcome Talk has been completed and guest have tasted Lynnie’s Spanish food then everyone relaxes and we are truly away on the fitness camp.

At the end of the day there are some guest swimming in the pool and taking in the Spanish Villa feeling. I must add the Spanish Villa has a Scandanavian twist inside because the owners are Swedish so it’s decorated in a very tasteful manner.

Well good night everyone and roll on the first whole day of the Spanish fitness camp.