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Racket Sport for Fitness

Racket Sport for Fitness

A racket sport has the advantage over team sports as you only need one other player. The sport requires speed, quickness, strength, and is a great cardiovascular workout. Your opponent is another person who is also looking to win, and the strategy you employ to win the game will give your brain a workout too. It can be a lifelong sport for all ages, as you grow older you may slow down yet can bring skill and technique to win the day.

Squash is an ideal sport for whole body activity, and is a high level of aerobic exercise. It is not about running miles in training but about speed, agility, and strength. During the game of squash the body goes through a range of movements, and strength in the legs, arms, back, and abdominal is essential. You may be on court for 40 minutes to an hour, and mental endurance is another skill you may need to acquire.

Choosing a good racket club is like most things, ask your friends for recommendations, visit your local club, or look out for reviews in the appropriate press. When you visit a club for the first time go with an open mind, are the courts in good condition, do the staff appear knowledgeable and approachable, and will the court availability suit your needs.

Squash, tennis, and badminton are probably the most popular racket sports, and can be relatively inexpensive to undertake. In the UK some schools have outdoor tennis courts for hire for a token value.


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Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – 4 Sept 2014

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – 4 Sept 2014

Thursday really feel like a wind down day here, for us anyway! The clients still have a full day ahead of them, with Zumba, yoga, cookery workshop, 6 mile walk around Chatsworth,badminton spinning and rebounding a last blast workout and bokwa all before 5pm but not in that order. But it’s a wind down for us because there are a couple of classes taken by external instructors which gives us chance to get ready to move down to Dorset first thing tomorrow morning.

I think on Thursdays we could easily cram a weeks worth of exercise into one day and the clients would take it with a smile (of sorts) on their faces, it’s the last day and nothing can break their spirits today, not to mention the fact that when you’ve done so much exercise through the week so far however much we cram into one day would seem achievable in their new mindset. All that is left to do in the evening is congratulate them on a job well done, especially those that have finished 2 weeks of constant exercise!

I’m not sure how we are supposed put into words the sheer achievement and respect these girls have earned for their efforts and so at a loss for words we can only hope that from the looks in our eyes and the beaming smiles on our faces they will know how proud we are of their efforts. As for the rest of the group from both the seven and four night courses I don’t want it to feel like we are undermining their own efforts because at FitFarms everyone is an individual and each individual has earned the upmost praise and admiration however long their stay but as their mentor I feel it is necessary to reiterate how proud I am.

On a final note for this week I would just like to say it’s been a real pleasure working with such a group of interesting people yet again here at Matlock and it has put me in a fine mood for our third and final week down in Dorset.