Posted on 13 Jun 2019

Spain Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Camp

62159509_2258351091147946_2222625642736779264_nWeight loss and fitness retreat Spain Review from Andalucia!

It’s always more of a fun experience for customers and the team when we run our weight loss and fitness retreats in Spain and this one wasn’t any different. This course was an easier one for the fitness team because the clients were really up for every task they were given.

The Spain course starts on the Saturday and there were two airport collections one at 1pm and the other at 8pm. Unfortunately one of the girls was delayed due to her flight so the 8pm collection turned into a 9.30pm. Thank you goes out to those who patiently waited at the airport.

The team on this week included Louise teaching all things HIIT, Mimi aerobics including aqua, Janna instructing yoga, Diana on the urban and classic dance and myself bringing up the rear in the Kitchen plus driving.

Over the years there always seems to be an event when I’m on site and this week it was time to get the car stuck in the sand on the beach. Driving through soft sand in a road vehicle was never going to have a good ending but thankfully there was a 4 x 4 to pull the sand drenched vehicle onto hard ground.

Some of the days were extremely hot but it didn’t stop the guests and team putting in a 100% effort. This showed at the end of the week when the results came in with large body fat percentage drops and a weight loss of almost a stone by our only man on the course the lovely Bryan.

Thank you everyone for a fabulous week and best of luck with your new healthier lifestyles at home.

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