Weight Loss Retreat Jerk Chicken

This is one of our weight loss retreat classic dishes which we have on every week. The chicken is a complete protein and we serve it with Kale instead of the traditional Caribbean way which is served with rice and peas. The reason for this is that kale contains a lot of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, Iron, and vitamin K.


chickenFitFarms Weight loss retreat Jerk Chicken Ingredients 

12 chicken thighs with the bone on

1 whole lime halved

FitFarms Weight loss retreat Marinade ingredients 

TBSP ground all spice

3 TBSP of good quality honey

2 TBSP of Coconut or Olive oil

2 TBSP Soy sauce

1 Lime juice

1 TSP of dried thyme

3 scotch bonnet chillies. Remember to take the seeds out to decrease the hip.

1 small onion

3 garlic cloves

Roughly chopped ginger about a thumb size

Spring onions large bunch roughly chopped

1 large bag of kale


First of all Dean the FitFarms weight loss retreat chef makes the marinade by putting the spring onions, ginger, onion, chillies, thyme, lime juice, soy sauce, oil, honey and all spice in a food processor and makes a paste.

Then Dean makes a few slashes in the chicken and rubs in the marinade. This is then sealed and left at the top of the fridge overnight.

The next day they are taken out of the fridge and put into an oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes.

When the chicken is cooking take a large bowl and put a little bit of water and butter in it and bring to the boil. Then add the kale and put a lid on the pot. Let is cook for 7 minutes then toss it so the butter mixes in with the kale.

Put a healthy serving of kale on a plate and place 2 pieces of jerk chicken on the top.


Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Derbyshire

73857706-1a14-4ec9-9c04-804dd469264eThe FitFarms Derbyshire weight loss and fitness retreat was one of the most successful weeks we had leaving a real buzz among the customers that joined us at the Matlock fitness retreat. The course started on the 16th August and completed on 23rd August and as per usual we ran courses starting from 2 nights and going up to and including 7 nights.

This weight loss and fitness camp was very different towards the end of the programme. Those who have joined us before will probably remember that we usually finish the week with a walk down to a local leisure centre giving customers the opportunity to take part in Badminton and swimming. The main reason for the trip to the local leisure centre is to build confidence so when people go home they will feel comfortable in using the local facilities in their area. This week we changed the fitness schedule so the leisure centre trip was on the Wednesday and the finale to the week was a traditional retro school sports day.

The Sports Day was fantastic covering all the old style school sports day exercises like egg and spoon race, the sack race, team relays, throwing compettion and tug of war. There were four teams red, yellow, green and blue and the games were competitive with an undertone of laughter.

Earlier in the week the weight loss retreat programme had a lot more team building exercises which bonded the group together making the course in general more fun and upbeat. Hula Hooping was the highlight! Trying to pass hula hoops around a joined circle of people was great fun and enjoyed by everyone. Hula Hooping does sound just a bit of fun but with weighted hula hoops it proves to be a great aerobic exercise and is also a good core workout.  Weighted Hula hoops can be bought online amazon and type in weighted fitness hula hoops.

FitFarms weight loss and fitness schedule

darwin lakeThe FitFarms residential weight loss and fitness retreat programme has never looked so exciting with new exciting and challenging exercise like HIITSTEP to a retro sports day including old favourites like the sack race, relays  and egg and spoon race.

The FitFarms weight loss and fitness retreat promises to be challenging but always manageable. Below is the first two days schedule which is going to be fun and challenging.

It all starts off when guests arrive at 5.00 pm by car or by opting for the FitFarms fitness retreat free transfer service from the local station.

Then at 6.00pm there is a welcome talk that is taken by Louise where she puts guests at ease and goes through the schedules and general information on the programme. This is followed by an ice breaker workout which is an introduction to aerobics. We then go into Dinner which has been created by Dean the FitFarms chef. Dean served a delightful salmon with cherry tomatoes and kale dish wish was well received by the guests.

The First Day at the holistic weight loss boot camp

It’s an early start at 6.00pm for the individual health assessments which take approximately 10 minutes per person covering body fat, weight, basal metabolic rate, mass muscle density and body mass index. Then we are into breakfast followed by circuits and HIITSTEP taken by Louise.

It’s then a well deserved lunch which is Italian meat balls or falafel for the vegetarians. We choose they dishes because they are what’s called complete protein which means they both hold the 9 essential amino acids the building blocks to protein.

The afternoon is always looked forward to as we do the first walk which takes around 3 hours through the local forest. Then we have a post walk stretch followed by dinner and the last exercise session of the day being kettlebells. It’s a quick herbal tea and then a tired hop into bed as everyone looks forward to the next day.

Weight loss Retreat Ice Cream or Frozen Yoghurt

blueberry-frozen-yogurt-0Summer is here and along with it comes ice cream!

First of all it’s important to know it’s good to treat yourself and good quality ice cream made with full fat cream is absolutely fine. However if sunset is closing in and you find yourself walking back to the ice cream van maybe consider frozen yoghurt.

Advantages of frozen yoghurt over ice cream

The main advantages are it’s less calorific than ice cream and the calories you are consuming are healthier than ice cream. It’s higher in protein and has live bacteria and yeasts which is good for the gut. However when the yoghurt is frozen it will lower the nutrients.


Frozen yoghurt recipe 


140 grams of strawberries

500 grams of greek yoghurt

2 tablespoons of honey


Roughly chop half of the strawberries and whiz up the other half in a food processor

Put the yoghurt, strawberries and honey into a plastic tub and freeze.

The frozen yoghurt will last for one month in the freezer.

We will be serving this dish on all the summer weight loss and fitness retreats


Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat in Derbyshire

darwin lakeWe are now under one week away from from the start of the weight loss and fitness retreat in Derbyshire. The Derbyshire fitness retreat site is based just outside Matlock next to a forest called Darwin Forest.
The accommodation is a group of contemporary cottages nestled around a lake giving a tranquil retreat feeling to the weight loss retreat. The cottages were built 15 years ago in old Peak District stone and have recently been through a £750,000 refurbishment modernising the interior and leaving a contemporary feeling throughout.
Typically a FitFarms Derbyshire retreat cottage has three en suite bedrooms neutrally decorated with soft furnishings and a living area equipped with all the modern amenities. The retreat customers eat in a central area which is called the nutrition dining room so the kitchens are not used in the individual cottages.
There is also a large indoor area on the other side of the lake which is commonly known as the chapel just because it looks like a chapel from a distance. The exercise area has two floors and we tend to use the upstairs more as it lends it hand better to group style classes.
During the course we use one more area which is offsite and this is Arc leisure centre. The main reason for this off site trip is to give some customers the confidence to use local leisure centre facilities when they are at home. It’s also nice for everyone to leave the weight loss and fitness retreat and see the local area.

Weight loss and fitness retreat chocolate pots

b42d938e-b251-4d52-94e0-a3364a3aa88dThis recipe is high in protein and a great alternative for the heavy chocolate deserts which you find in restaurants.

Serves 4 people


Weight loss and fitness retreat healthy ingredients 

250 ml of full fat greek yoghurt

2 tbsp good quality peanut butter

1 bar of 80% chocolate

pinch of rock salt

16 raspberries

1 teaspoon of honey

4 tbsps of ground nut seed



Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl of heated water.

Put all the ingredients into a mixer bowl and blend together.

Place in small pots, add 4 raspberries per pot and sprinkle ground nut seed on the top

FitFarms Norfolk Weight Loss Fitness Retreat

norfolkI’m not sure why FitFarms Norfolk weight loss and fitness retreat has become so popular but once again we seem to be fully booked on the Norfolk weight loss and lifestyle retreat. Everyone loves the four poster bed or sleigh style accommodation with views over the stunning farmland scenery. Some say it has a great advantage over our other sites because of the ball room style workout area with double doors that open up onto a pretty farm style courtyard. The grounds that surround the accommodation are also in immaculate condition with a well crafted man-made pond. We also have the added advantage being so close to the beach which enables us to carry out beach walks and workouts.

This week has started off in the usual FitFarms fitness retreat positive manner with everyone showing extreme interest in the health assessments and with an eagerness to learn with lots of great questions. We’ve recently changed the way we assess our guests health as before we used body fat callipers which seemed a tiny bit intrusive especially at 7am in the morning. Now we’ve found some accurate wellbeing scales so we can test for mass muscle, body fat percentage, visceral fat, total body water, bone mass, basic metabolic rate, metabolic age to name but a few. It’s great to see the differences between the beginning and the end of the courses and the dramatic changes are a great motivation for the FitFarms customers.

The first day is all on site so after the nutritious dense breakfast there was Resistance for an hour followed by a short break and then back into the exercise area for Aerobics. Then came lunch which was a chicken pearl barley risotto. In the afternoon we enter kettlebells, pilates, a well deserved Dinner and finally completing with a Stretch session.


FitFarms Weight Loss Boot Camp Chocolate Mousse

chocolatemousse123Recipe for chocolate mousse which is high in protein and healthy fat and served at FitFarms holistic weight loss boot camp.

Serves 4 people


500 ml of Greek full fat yoghurt.

Make sure not to go for fat free or low fat. When the fat is processed out it loses it’s nutritional value plus unhealthy additives and sugars are added!

2 Bananas (high in potassium, protein and dietary fiber) Potassium is good because it lowers blood pressure and is one of the 9 key minerals. 

1 Avocado (good healthy fat)

3 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter (high in protein) Don’t get the cheap ones because they will be high is sugar, salt and stabiliser. The good ones to go for are Whole Earth or Meridian.

100 grams of Chocolate (check the ingredients on the back and make sure it is 70% cacao)




Melt the chocolate by placing it in a glass bowl over boiling water.

Then put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl blend together.

Place in a glass bowl and grate dark chocolate on the top.


Spain Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Camp

It’s always more of a fun experience for customers and the team when we run our weight loss and fitness retreats in Spain and this one wasn’t any different. This course was an easier one for the fitness team because the clients were really up for every task they were given.
The Spain course starts on the Saturday and there were two airport collections one at 1pm and the other at 8pm. Unfortunately one of the girls was delayed due to her flight so the 8pm collection turned into a 9.30pm. Thank you goes out to those who patiently waited at the airport.
The team on this week included Louise teaching all things HIIT, Mimi aerobics including aqua, Janna instructing yoga, Diana on the urban and classic dance and myself bringing up the rear in the Kitchen plus driving.
Over the years there always seems to be an event when I’m on site and this week it was time to get the car stuck in the sand on the beach. Driving through soft sand in a road vehicle was never going to have a good ending but thankfully there was a 4 x 4 to pull the sand drenched vehicle onto hard ground.
Some of the days were extremely hot but it didn’t stop the guests and team putting in a 100% effort. This showed at the end of the week when the results came in with large body fat percentage drops and a weight loss of almost a stone by our only man on the course the lovely Bryan.
Thank you everyone for a fabulous week and best of luck with your new healthier lifestyles at home.

FitFarms Weight loss Fitness Retreat Spain

IMG-0473We are gearing up for another week at FitFarms Spain weight loss retreat in the Olive hills of Andalucia. The team caught flights from London Gatwick this time at midday and landed at 4pm Spain time. We then jumped into the mini bus and made our way through the Olive hills to Iznajar a pretty town perched on top of a hill.
FitFarms has a great relationship with the villa manager and he kindly let us stay on site for free so we can make preparations before the course starts on Saturday. Fitness Balls, Kettlebells, resistance bands, yoga mats, boxing gloves, fitness and nutrition testing make up some of the equipment which we store at the Spanish FitFarms weight loss retreat.
The week is action packed with beach workouts, lake walks, trip to Sierra Nevada mountain rage for a gorge walk, Granada sight seeing and not forgetting a jammed full class style programme ranging for yoga to boxing. It’s going to be hot though and I mean hot, over 30 degrees on some days but don’t worry we have a cunning exercise programme!
One of FitFarms’ main strength has always been having a fantastic team because we thoroughly believe that this is what makes the course. We’ve just finished a course in Derbyshire where we had many returning guests and one of the returners said “this may be the best team yet”. The lady in question has been 11 times to FitFarms starting from 2009 so she has seen a lot of different teams. I think the strength of this team is the variety of different exercises they can deliver and also their personalities complement each other.
Wishing all our guests a safe flight and don’t forget to pack the sun cream, drink lots of water and become prepared to have a great time at FitFarms Spain in the glorious sunshine.