Posted on 19 Sep 2018

FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat To Granada

Fitness Camp Spain Scenic WalkToday was a bright an early start at FitFarms weight loss retreat in Spain. First up was the morning session which we call the pre breakfast workout class.

We nearly always start of the day with a mobility exercise which was introduced by Andy Baker in 2016. We were doing mobility style exercises before but just not enough. In fact we believe it's one of the most overlooked areas in health and fitness. The major benefits of mobility exercise is that it helps your range of movement, creates body awareness, helps with bettering your posture but ultimately prevents injury so very important to do for overall health.

The FitFarms jolly bus driver has arrived and today we are heading to Granada for a walk. Well actually it's about 20 minutes from the medieval town of Granada in an area of natural beauty called Monachil. There is a famous walk here called Cahorros which starts in Monachil and goes up a windy path and then you enter a dramatic gorge. It really is fantastic with with hanging bridges, water falls and an array of beautiful flowers.

The walk takes around 2 hours and like all the FitFarms weight loss retreat walks there are different lengths to help with the different fitness abilities. Then it's a hop back onto the bus and we're off to the medieval city of Granada for a spot of sightseeing. We only do the sightseeing for a couple of hours as the FitFarms weight loss retreat schedule is quite busy and at the end of the day we are a weight loss retreat and fitness camp! Granada Medieval City is absolutely spectacular and if you ever get the chance to visit go for it as you will not be disappointed.

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