Posted on 8 May 2019

FitFarms Spain Review On The Retreat

downloadFitFarms Spain in Andalucia the South of Spain is proving to be FitFarms' most popular course. High up in the olive hills with the nearest civilization being the magnificent hill top white washed Spanish village of Iznajar. The province is Cordoba but FitFarms Spain is right on the borders between Cordoba and Granada. Iznajar commands a position 359 meters above sea level and looks down onto the regions largest man made lake which circles over 20 kilometers. Do not worry though we don't attempt this circular walk on the FitFarms Spain holiday retreat. However on one of the days we drive down to a spectacular viaduct and we walk along a track next to the lake which has breathtaking views. On the other side of the lake to the viaduct is a huge beach where we conduct our beach workouts and for some guests water sports which is not for everyone but in typical FitFarms style we will always find an exercise alternative. Granada the ancient medieval city dating back to Palaeolitrhic times (1000 B.C)  is the FitFarms Spain highlight. It's approximately an hour from the villa but with a healthy packed lunch it's worth the distance. Before we go to Granada though there is the pretty waterfall gorge walk in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Nearly all guests say it's one of the best walks they have been on. It's challenging but there's different routes so your fitness can be at any level and it's really worth the puff because the view points are quite amazing. Once the walk has completed we all tuck into the healthy packed lunch next to a stream down in the village of Monchel before we make are journey into Granada. Once in Granada we park up and everyone gets two hours of sightseeing before the trip back to the FitFarms Spain Villa.

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