The Plank Technique Exercise

Today we are down at the Weight Loss Retreat Dorset. Rebecca and Andy are taking some time out of the busy weight loss retreat schedule to give you the FitFarms top tips on the plank exercise. Rebecca is doing the voice over and Andy the Weight Loss Retreat health manager is demonstrating the plank position.

Start in the ground position with your hips and elbows resting on the floor making sure that your elbows and feet are exactly shoulder width apart. The you simply brace the core with your toes tucked in lift your self of the floor by pressing down with your elbows and pushing up from your toes. The points to look out for is to to keep your back and glutes flat with your head down.

When you start this exercise make sure you set yourself a short time like twenty seconds and as it becomes easier lengthen the time up to a minute. Please remember that in all exercises good technique is better than a heavy load or a longer time. Once you’ve mastered the technique you increase the intensity and not before as you may cause an injury and also you will not benefit as much as you should from the exercise.

FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Lunge Demonstration

Today we are giving you tips on how to complete a lunge which is demonstrated by Andy Baker who is the Health Manager at FitFarms. Rebecca the FitFarms sports therapist is giving the commentary and technique suggestions so the exercise can be carried out at home. This particular exercise is being completed at the FitFarms fitness holiday which is based near Blandford Forum in Dorset.

The lunge is a lower body exercise which we use alot on the FitFarms fitness holidays because it works not one but many lower body muscles and also has the extra bonus of training your core at the same time.

The main targeted muscles that will be trained are glutes, calf musscles, hamstrings and quadriceps.

When completing a lunge set up as you would do with a squat making sure your feet are shoulder width apart.

Then put one leg back and bend your knee.

You will see that the arms are in front for balance and the front leg will be supporting the movement.

Please make sure your movement is slow and controlled keeping the back straight.

Kneeling Clean and Press Exercise with Andy and Ian 5 Minute Session

Starting with the kneeling reverse fly. Andy from the fitness camp team does not use a mat but we advise to use a mat for theses exercises.

Like a renegade position make sure hips are parallel to the floor which means you will need to put in maximum effort.

Then the kneeling clean press, driving the hips through and rotating the wrist almost like a half squat.

Then into the kneeling wood chop which is great for the core. Make sure to drive with the hips. Then Andy goes into the tricep overhead