Maintaining a Fitness Regimen for Busy Professionals

Maintaining a Fitness Regimen for Busy Professionals

Fitness Exercise Regimen for Busy Professionals. Photo Credit HealthMeUp

Most people, especially young professionals, with hectic schedules are prone to skipping a workout plan that they created altogether. Due to filled-up calendars, family and other personal obligations and work-related matters, it is so easy to have an inconsistent fitness regimen.

Thankfully in this busy and fast-paced world, the busy professionals have a lot of options to maintain that exercise routine while still being able to do their job as much as it requires them to. For a start, gyms and fitness centers that are closer to work are rapidly increasing making it convenient for the busy yuppie to head straight to the gym right after work. These places also close at much later hours, allowing the hardworking employee to still workout even if it’s two hours past the normal office hours. There are a number of fitness programs that are designed for the busy individual, depending on their fitness concerns. Given these terms, there are still a number of reasons that hinders many professionals to maintain an active lifestyle.

Barriers. Some of the most common reasons why professionals skip their fitness regimen are their impossibly busy daily schedules, leaving an illusion of not having ample time to work out. Another is that they are too tired to attend that spinning class after a series of meetings and client calls at work, leaving not enough energy for them to exercise at the end of the day. Another is that they need to spend more time with the family so instead of attending the 90-minute Yoga class, they will just go home straight after work to play with their dog or watch TV with their partners while munching on pizza.

Addressing these fitness concerns. By educating yourself that your health should be one of your top priorities, it will be easier to find time and energy to get back on track and attend the next Zumba class after work. Addressing these “barriers” should be a cinch when you know that you’ve prioritized your health above all else. Set aside time for exercise, whether it’s a 30-minute run around the neighbourhood or a full one-hour cardio workout at the gym. If your job requires you to travel often, bring portable workout gears like resistance bands, light dumbbells or Yoga mats with you. Download apps such as Map My Fitness to help you keep track of your progress. If you feel like you have no energy to work out, you should focus on nutrition and make sure you get enough rest and sleep every day. Make working out a family affair by attending fitness programs together. This way, you get to spend time with your loved ones while keeping an active, healthy lifestyle.

Have a plan on hand. Ask the help of a professional fitness trainer to help you map out your road to fitness success. Plan ahead. It’s easier to maintain a fitness regimen when you already have a workout plan on hand. The plan consists of which workout program you will have to do this week, how much time do you need every day, where is the nearest gym and fitness center that you can go to. If at times you don’t think you can squeeze in an hour of working out, you may do some alternative exercise in the form of walking instead of taking a cab, skipping the elevator and taking the stairs, or perhaps doing some 10-minute workouts like lunges or squats while you’re at work.




Getting Fit for a Deadline: Holidays, Weddings and Events

Getting Fit for a Deadline: Holidays, Weddings and Events

Special Event Diet & Fitness – Image Credit to Wonderful Oxfordshire Weddings

The motivation of a deadline

Getting fit and healthy is something we all intend to do as most of us are aware that eating right and staying healthy leads to happier healthier self. Deadlines are a great inspiration for wanting to look our best, whether it’s a wedding, holiday or event.

Ways to achieve your goal

  • Set yourself goals that are achievable
  • Plan out a week by week fitness and nutrition schedule
  • Exercise
  • Nutritional Content
  • De-stress
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it sustainable

Things not to do

  • Eat pre-packaged diet food
  • Use diet pills
  • Crash diets
  • Starve yourself
  • Excessive exercise





Image Credit to JSR Chartered Accountants

Set yourself realistic goals for the time you have
Various elements can impact on losing weight or getting fit so be realistic about what you want and CAN achieve to avoid negative feelings of stress, pressure or failure.

The length of time, nutritional intake, exercise and changes you can make within your lifestyle will have a direct result on what you are physically capable of accomplishing.

Planning a fitness schedule
6 months will allow for a long term outline of what you want to achieve each month and can lead to radical results whereas a couple of weeks you can provide smaller yet effective changes such as lowering heart rate, reducing fatigue and firming areas of your body will be made. If weight loss or fitness is to be achieved in this short amount of time then a boot camp is the best option for seeing those results.

Find exercises that will be most beneficial and that you will enjoy
It can take a while to find exercises you enjoy, so it’s good to try a range of classes to ensure you find something you are most likely to continue with. Fitness camps are ideal as you can try out a number of exercises and fitness and dance classes in a short time. This will leave more time to get the results you want.

Understanding fitness and the impact certain exercises have on your body is essential to tailoring your plan to target parts of your body you want to improve.

Nutrition plays a big part in both losing weight and getting fit so it’s essential to get it right. Avoid faddy diets, weight loss meals and processed food and focus on getting the correct balance of nutritional content to maintain blood sugar levels and provide enough energy throughout the day.

There is a lot of information online which can be confusing so check our website for tips and recipes from health professionals.

Our fitness camps have nutritional therapists and kitchen staff on site that provide delicious, healthy food while offering invaluable advise, cookery workshops and demonstrations.

Things to keep in mind
It is important to remain focus and not get stressed when life gets in the way, any change is good even if it’s just correcting bad eating habits and doing 20 minutes of exercise so remain motivated. Improving your fitness levels and nutrition is a big, positive step and it is important to find what fits best in your life and works best for you.

Remember that fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle so find a plan that will work for you after the event to continue all the hard work!

Explosive Renegade Movement Exercise by Andy of FitFarms (Video)

Today we have Andy Baker and Ian Thompson from the FitFarms holistic boot camp team showing the right technique for an Explosive Renegade Movement.

This functional fitness exercise is a series of techniques that we will be showing you from the Derbyshire and Dorset retreat. It combines the standard fitness press up with a windmill. Then after this is complete there is the explosive side step which sets up the opportunity to do the same on the other side keeping the exercise balanced. Make sure there is a good balance with the movement and your feet are around two feet apart. When you are completing the windmill look up to the weight. Also make sure there is a good core and shoulder alignment. Then watch for the full jump which adds more explosive power to the fitness exercise.

This is a complex move so make sure you warm up correctly before you start the exercise.

Half A Turkish Get Up Fitness Exercise by FitFarms’ Andy (Video)

Technique video clips from the holistic weight loss boot camp is showing us how to do the half Turkish get up from the side position using a four kilo gram weight.

This is also an advanced technique so if you are trying this outside a structured weight loss camp environment we suggest that you break the fitness exercise into smaller stages. You open up the hip from a straight leg and then advancing the technique you manoeuvre yourself into a straight sit up. Make sure you keep the weight above your head which will help improve your postural muscles. If you repeat this exercise two or three times and then bring in the hip lift right at the end. Good fitness form is to stabilise the shoulder and bring in the gluteus and hamstring muscles.

Good luck with this exercise as it is difficult but when done correctly it is very rewarding and helps with your general weight loss and fitness.

Renegade & Upright Row With A Kick Back Fitness Exercise

One of Andy’s favourite exercise positions is the renegade and here he is demonstrating it at the holistic holistic weight loss boot camp in the Peak District.

It’s the second series renegade complex in the standard renegade position. You will note that he is ensuring maximum core stability. The functional fitness exercise also goes into a high pull into a windmill, to row and eventually into a kick back. It is an advanced complex especially in the core area. Ian explains that you can just take one of the exercises to practise. You can then start putting all the different fitness techniques together until you master the sequence. With this exercise it is also important to change sides so you train both sides of the body otherwise you will create an imbalance in your body. Always remember to keep symetery and the core is fully engaged throughout the exercise.

Before you start this fitness exercise make sure you test the weights to get the correct weight which is not too light or too heavy.

Your Skin and Weight Gain

Your Skin and Weight Gain

Weight Gain Skin Diseases – Image Credit to Viral Detector

We are truly into our great British summer and if you are sensible you will be applying sun cream to your body to help prevent skin diseases. Today we were out on a fitness walk at the peak district weight loss camp and I was reminding them to put cream on and then we got onto the discussion of how having extra weight affects your skin.

So do we appreciate our skin, perhaps not until we get older and the signs of ageing start? However, our skin has very important functions. It keeps our body together by encasing our organs and protecting them from injury, viruses, and bacteria. Without the sweat glands on the surface of our skin we would not be able to control our body temperature. Hair also helps to control the body temperature, it also alerts us to touch and heat. Some health conditions can be detected by changes to the skin and hair, such as diabetes and thyroid problems. Weight gain can change the efficiency of your skin.

The skins natural reaction to increased temperature on the surface is to secrete sweat in order to cool the area down. During weight gain there are more likely to be folds in the skin around the groin, waist, and torso. Retained moisture in these areas can encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria, which in turn will lead to infections, and skin rashes. Fluid retention can build up in the legs, putting strain on the veins in the legs, this can cause dermatitis, varicose veins, and skin ulcers. The feet are more susceptible to calluses and corns due to an increase in weight. A healthy diet and weight loss can improve the efficiency of your skin.

Foods rich in omega-3 have been credited with increasing the health of your skin, this can be found in tuna, salmon, walnuts. Canola oil, and flax seed. Reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates, sugar, and food rich in starch will help to reduce insulin spikes, as these spikes can cause skin irritation and effect the skin ageing process. Good hydration is also important to healthy skin so make sure to drink plenty of water which also helps with weight loss.

Functional Fitness Exercise by FitFarms’ Andy (Video)

In this video we have Ian commentating with Andy demonstrating. Ian is our oldest trainer at the weight loss retreat and has the most experience in the health and fitness industry. Andy has 10 years of experience and has worked as a Manager for a well known health and fitness club.

Andy’s favourite style of exercise is functional fitness and in the video he is demonstrating good technique and body movement. This is a difficult exercise and you will need to focus on balance.

There is a bicep curl mixed in with a forward lunge and then just to end the fitness exercise Andy moves into a windmill technique at the end.

If you wish to practise stability this is a great exercise and we often use it on the FitFarms weight loss holidays to aid weight loss. The exercise also concentrates a lot on the core area and is known to have a great functional pattern for all round fitness.

This style of exercise can be practised on both sides and it is important to do so to keep your strength even on both sides.

Why Energy Drinks are Unhealthy

Why Energy Drinks are Unhealthy

If you have been to FitFarms on one of our weight loss or fitness retreats you would have a real understanding of why most energy drinks are unhealthy. The FitFarms nutritional therapist Lesley Harper goes through the shelves of the supermarkets with the retreat guest and cuts through the products that are unhealthy and very misleading.
Below are the FitFarms thoughts on this very misleading so called health or even energy fitness drink in some brand cases.

They sound is if they should be healthy for you, but are they?  The average energy drink contains caffeine and sugar.  In America there has been reported ten-fold increase of emergency room visits, which can be related to the consumption of energy drinks.  These ER visits can be due to heart palpitations, and severe fatigue. Research into this increase suggests that it is the lack of knowledge of the products consumed that is causing the problem.  So what’s in them to bring about the need for an ER visit?

Energy drinks contain stimulants, the main being caffeine.  They are marketed to give an energy burst.  The energy burst is created by caffeine and sugar, and can be addictive.  A typical energy drink of 16 fl oz can contain 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar.  The recommended amount of sugar intake per day is around 6 teaspoons.  The figures speak for themselves.  Sugar is considered empty calories as there is no goodness in it, such as vitamins and minerals, but adds to the calorific intake per day.

The marketing of energy drinks has been traditionally aimed at a specific market.  Early in its history they were aimed at athletes.  That target market has since been increased to students and people in highly stressed jobs, such as city analysts, gamers, and extreme sport enthusiasts.  The design of the product and marketing communication is aimed at the younger generation.

FitFarms Fitness Retreat FrontAt FitFarms in the morning we have one natural coffee per day because it has health benefits for the liver. It is one and just one so please be careful not to falsely fuel yourself on caffeine.

Should you be doing yoga?

Many fitness and exercise trends have come and gone over the last few decades but it seems as though yoga’s never really been displaced from its position at the top since it first gained popularity in the modern fitness circuit. Now yoga’s longevity might seem like a full-on recommendation but before you start unrolling your mat, make sure that you’ve covered all the bases about what you need to know about yoga.

Yoga Instructor
First off, be aware that there’s no universal credential system for yoga instructors. Yoga studios adhere to their own specific hiring practices and without universal standards this means that though unintentional, there may be untrained instructors who slip through the cracks.  According to experts, being observant about how your yoga instructor starts a class will clue you in on how good of a teacher he or she is. If the instructor asks whether the students have any injuries and adjusts the instructions to help the student out, you’re probably good to go.

Yoga Classes
It’s also important to know that there a several kinds of yoga classes and it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with what goes on in a particular class before you sign up. After all, there are some classes that will see students performing their stances in hot and humid rooms. This may lead to dehydration and overstretching, the latter of which may damage your cartilages. If you insist on doing hot yoga, be careful and make sure that you keep yourself hydrated all the time.

Mens Yoga
It’s also worth knowing that women tend to have more elastic bodies, and according to a column in the NYTimes, the trouble starts when yoga instructors push men to do the exact same stances as women. Men are generally built with more muscle, making them comparative inflexible. In this case, it might be better to go with all-male classes as programs are structured to emphasize muscle building, instead of focusing on flexibility. More