Kick Off Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year Weight LossNew year is upon us and its time to kick off your resolutions!

Our FitFarms weight loss camp in Derbyshire is the perfect retreat to get you started. We cater for all goals and current lifestyles and our course truly is suitable for all. The team here at Matlock, are always on hand to guide, support, educate and motivate you to get the most out of your week with us and provide you with the tools you need to continue implementing these lifestyle changes once you leave us.

With extensive presentations on nutrition and habit change, along side an extremely wide variety of exercise classes and activities your confidence and knowledge will improve dramatically and leave you feeling empowered to make the positive steps you’re striving for! We understand that achieving your optimum state of health and fitness can be a daunting challenge which is why the pathway we take you down is both educational and realistic.

We gradually introduce new knowledge throughout the week, often reinforcing these with paper copies and handouts so you’re not left bewildered and saturated with too much info and the team are always eager to discuss your learnings with you, both during and after your course has finished.

All of the exercise we encourage you to participate in can easily be scheduled into your weekly routines and the classes we take from yoga to salsa can always be found in your local area. We encourage you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and will lead you on a number of walks throughout the week. We will coach you through ways to incorporate intervals to make the intensity correct for you, and team sports such as badminton are always great fun and a fantastic way to stay active and socialise.

So why wait? Take that first step and stop putting your health goals on the back burner, join the FitFarms family and let us help you on your journey to the new you!

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Fitness Holiday in Derbyshire on Festive Season

run harderThis the last week of the year! And our fitness holiday in Derbyshire is cold and wet!

But we won’t let it dampen our spirits! All of our staff here at Matlock, myself, Georgia, Jodie and Jake are looking forward to bringing you the truly holistic approach and the sensible approach to making long term lifestyle health and wellbeing changes that FitFarms has become so well known for. This week we are going to work WITH you, side by side, to help you work out what is right for you and what small changes you need to make to start you off in the direction you will follow for the rest of your lives… Or as long as you feel it is the right direction for you.

Or maybe your already on that path and you just want a bit of a boost or a little nudge, or maybe you need to take it to the next level and step your efforts up? For that you will love our nutrition and habit change workshops, focusing more on the specifics and deeper understanding of these subjects and how they affect or apply to you these workshops are amazing and so good for looking at how to break down hurdles or make sense of the changes you face and full of information for you to arm yourself with.

So let our final week of the year commence, face our challenges head on and smash through our targets! Welcome to FitFarms weight loss retreat Derbyshire lets go and have some fun!

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FitFarms Dorset Weight Loss Retreat Holiday Review – November 2016

3 months from nowFitFarms UK retreat recently held a women’s only course in the heart of Dorset. This weight loss retreat holiday included not only beautiful walks allowing you to see the fantastic views which Dorset has to offer but also the course featured a day trip to Bournemouth allowing clients to venture around Bournemouth, enjoy the Bournemouth sea front and get off resort for some sea side fresh air! During the course our schedules start from 7AM with our morning wake up workout consisting of heart raising aerobic exercise followed by stretching to prepare your body for the day ahead. Your day would then begin starting with breakfast. During the week you’ll indulge in 3 main meals as well as 3 snacks! You’ll learn more than ever before when it comes to nutrition, you’ll be dying to go home and experiment with healthy cooking by the end of the week. After breakfast you’ll typically be getting involved in group exercise until lunch then you’ll be venturing off to explore Dorset…. getting back just in time for aqua aerobics! Once dinner is served you’ll then be taking part in yoga or Pilates allowing you to stretch the body before you head to your bed….with a tasty snack of course! Our fitness retreats give people the chance to get away from the busy lives we lead and allows you to focus on you! Many people come on these courses for many reasons more than just weight loss alone. These retreats are designed in a way to cater for everyone and to allow all abilities to complete the week. 6 hours of exercise a day does seem a little intense however our team is here to help you and to prove to you that you can do it and that you can complete the week! A key feature which our Dorest fitness retreat offers is the fitness spa. This means in your spare time or if you feel a class isn’t to your fancy then you have the option to walk/swim for an hour instead meaning you can keep active and feel motivated knowing you haven’t stopped or given up but just chosen a different type of exercise for an hour. Our FitFarms team always encourages is to keep going and to keep moving even if it does mean swimming instead or taking lower intensities/levels during the week. This week our clients were put through a wide range of classes including mindful movement classes as well as stretching, HIIT training, boxing and kettlebells and aerobic/dance based classes. Our clients also had the chance to participate in yoga, Pilates and salsa during the evening. Every course is different however all clients soon realise that they can do everything they are faced with during the course with a little help which sometimes means adaptions and alternatives are given to them. This is what makes FitFarms the perfect retreat for you! We don’t just teach you how to exercise and to eat in a more nutritional way but we also give you the knowledge and skills to enable you to take away everything you’ve learnt meaning you are able to maintain your weight loss and continue with a more active lifestyle! Once you leave your week with us Maintaining healthy living is the most important thing. We aim to chance lives for the long term not just for the week you’re with us. We Believe in you and by the end of the week you will to!

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Amazing Fitness Retreat and Holiday in FitFarms Dorset

stop wishing, start doingThe Dorset FitFarms UK weight loss retreat is located in the heart of Blandford forum giving you beautiful views over Dorset from Bulbarrow Hills.

The fitness retreat offers great accommodation as well as use of spa facilities featuring a heated pool, sauna and jetted hot tubs.

Our courses offer varied exercise classes suitable for all abilities, nutritional workshops and deep massage therapy advice as well as the chance to have a free massage during your week with us to help with any aches, pains or just to help you feel fresh and revived again!

FitFarms fitness holidays range from 3-7 days allowing you to chose whichever course suits your diary! Even if it’s just for a weekend away full of good nutritious food, advice and fitness!

Fitness holidays in Dorset include beautiful hill walks, countryside walks and town walks. These are all challenging walks in different ways and allows you to see and discover the location of Dorset and it’s landscape over the week.

FitFarms offers much more than just exercise and healthy food alone. In fact we aim to focus on helping people to discover what’s holding them back currently and continuously achieve in changing people’s outlook and mindset on exercise and eating healthily. So much so that our guests leave us with the knowledge and skills to maintain weight loss and healthy living due to this chance in mindset, meaning once they leave us they chose to make the different choices in life.

Dorset is a scenic fitness camp and provides something for everyone no matter what fitness level you are. If you fancy a kick start back in to healthy living or are in need of a fitness holiday …

Then join FitFarms and let the team help you to achieve your goals and get you back on track!

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Experience FitFarms Derbyshire Fitness Retreat

DerbyshireOur UK fitness and weight loss retreat is located in the beautiful surroundings of Darwin larks in the heart of Derbyshire. FitFarms specialises in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle enjoying the food and exercise along the way. We offer various fitness holiday packages ranging from 3-7 days allowing you to get back on track whether its the nutritional side of things or the exercise which you need to add back into your current lifestyle.

This Derbyshire weight loss retreat offers you scenic countryside walks, a mixture of fitness classes and a chance to relax and reflect. Our fitness retreats also offer high standard nutritional advise and help to make your lifestyle the one you want!

Looking for weight loss, a fitness holiday? And break away? Why not experience our Derbyshire fitness retreat and feel revived and ready to by the end of it!

Kickstart your Healthy Living with FitFarms Fitness Holiday

FitFarms Fitness Retreat Kickstart Healthy LivingDo you need a boost but everything feels like too much of an effort? Do you find yourself avoiding exercise or skipping exercise classes because you worry you aren’t fit enough or worry you won’t fit in? Well if you are, FitFarms is the place for you!

My names Georgia Taylor and I’m one of the group exercise instructors who deals with people like yourself on a weekly basis. My aim is to make sure all of my classes are adaptable so everyone can take part! Here at this UK fitness retreat my job is to give alternatives to all of you who need it! Sadly this means no excuses because we can always adapt classes so you can complete them all!

FitFarms is all about getting you back into exercise and hopefully getting you to understand the importance of exercise as well as enjoying yourself and having fun alone the way. Our weight loss retreat allows you to make friends during the week and you’ll soon realise a lot of people are in the same boat as you when it comes to doubting themselves when it comes to exercise. But we are all in this together and as a team we will complete the course and achieve so much more than weight loss alone.

This fitness holiday may be exactly what you need to get you back to where you want to be …

Real advice, real personal trainers, a real kickstart into healthy living!

Come and join us and make the change!

Squash versus Racket Ball

Squash and RacketballIn the summer we introduced squash/ racketball to the camping holistic weight loss boot camp in Worcestershire.

Squash and racketball are very similar and over the years I have played both of them to a reasonably high standard. What I found is that the better you are at squash the longer the duration of the rally and the better you are at racket ball the shorter the rally. Both sports are viewed to be physically demanding but the length of the rally doesn’t really have much to do with your fitness level but it’s mainly to do with the level of skill you posses.

Let’s have a look at squash first. It originated at Harrow school from the older game rackets in 1830. There’s two people on a court, a ball and two rackets. The idea of the game is to score points by tactically out manouvereing your opponent. You can either do this by creating an opening to hit an outright winner or putting him/ her under enough pressure for them to make a mistake handing you the point. Jonah Barrington a famous English squash palyer from the 1970’s explaied squash to be “physical chess”.

Racketball was created in 1940 by a ‎Joseph Sobek and is a mixture of squash and tennis. It became very popular in the 1970s in North America which is still where the major tournaments are played. The game is played on a longer but slimmer court. The rackets are shorter and the ball bounces more making it harder to hit outright winners.

You will find courts in local leisure centres and private ‎clubs making the sport accessible to everyone. It’s best to have some reasonable level of fitness before you start playing to avoid injury. Make sure you warm your whole body up before you enter the court!

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Interval Training Session – Derbyshire Fitness Holiday Retreat Review October 2016

interval training session forest joggingAt the FitFarms holiday retreat in Derbyshire this week we did an interval session on one of the local forest footpaths. Here at FitFarms we are all about health and fitness education, and run a very different style of course to the usual boot camp. For this reason, this interval session was not just about doing intervals in a certain way, set by one of our trainers, but rather it was about learning how to plan an interval session by yourself when you get home.

We all warmed up by walking to the forest together. Then we talked through what intervals are and the different ways of doing them. Then we set clients off to create their own interval workouts on the forest path by themselves or in groups. Everyone could go at a pace that suited them, and came away feeling more confident about how to plan a session for themselves.

Intervals are a great way to get a workout, and here is why:

  • They are more interesting than a workout where the intensity stays the same. Switching between high and low intensity breaks up the session and makes it more interesting.
  • Intervals allow to you work harder. Because you are getting rests in between each bout of high intensity, you end up working harder for longer.
  • Intervals give you a great workout in a short space of time. If you only have a short period of time but want to get a hard workout, you can use intervals to really get your heart rate up. Even a 20 minute session can have great fitness benefits.
  • The possibilities are endless. There are so many ways to do intervals. You can do it using time (for example, one minute of jogging and one minute of walking) or using landmarks (for example jog to the next lamppost, walk to the next one) or using songs or apps on your smart phone.

We hope to see you in Derbyshire so you can join us for our next interval session!

Special blog post from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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Worcester Fitness Camp Review September 2016

FitFarms Glamping RealI have to say I’m typically not a fan of camping! And so I never expect to enjoy my weeks at camp Worcester. The nights are too cold, the days are either too hot, too windy, too wet or all of the above.

However, these 2 weeks have been a different experience! They have been hard and challenging as always but thanks largely to the groups and the weather we are now coming to the end of our second fitness camp and I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s been tough and challenging for all of us and for different reasons but I find on these weeks there is a stronger comradery between the clients I think the more challenging environment and the the nature of the course work well to bring the group together. Our non boot camp approach allows for our clients to establish or re-establish an enjoyment for exercise or activity and in the beautiful setting of Leigh near Malvern it really helps people to unwind from the stressful life back home.

We now have another 2 weeks to do up in Matlock and I only hope they are as successful as our 2 here at the Worcestershire fitness camp.

Free your feet this summer at FitFarms

Free your feet this summer at FitFarms

We are into our second week of our summer camping courses at FitFarms. So far we have enjoyed clear blue skies, warmth and sunshine, which has allowed us to hold a lot of our exercise classes outside on the grass.

For a lot of our more gentle classes like pilates, mobility, and stretching the warm weather and soft grass provide the perfect opportunity to kick off your shoes and enjoy some barefoot time. Not only does this feel great but it can increase the strength and mobility of your feet, improve balance and reduce the risk of injury. Yup, thats right, all from just taking off your shoes!

The foot is a pretty amazing structure. Each foot has 33 joints meaning that the feet have the potential for incredible dexterity and strength – almost as much as the hands. However, in our daily lives most of us confine our feet to structured, stiff-soled shoes and walk only on smooth, man-made surfaces which limit the foot’s natural abilities. Overtime the muscles of the foot become weaker.

This can have a significant effect on our whole-body health. Lets take knee pain as an example. One of the common causes of knee pain is over-pronation of the foot. This means that the arch of the foot collapses with each step and the ankle roles inwards. This creates a rotation in the leg that travels up to the knee, putting unnatural loads on the joint resulting in inflammation and pain. Ouch!

So how to prevent the arch from collapsing? The arch of the foot isn’t a rigid structure that somehow gets worn down over time like a bridge whose stones crumble – it is an active structure created by contraction of the muscles of the foot. Because it is made of muscles it can become weaker with disuse and stronger with use. This means that using the foot in the right way can maintain healthy arches and even help to “rebuild” a collapsed arch.

There are lots of strengthening and mobilising exercises for the foot, many of which we do here at Fit Farms (in a session that Becca, one of the trainers, likes to call “Toe Yoga”). But perhaps the simplest way to improve foot function is to walk (or do gentle exercise), without shoes, on slightly uneven surfaces such as sand or… a grassy field (something that we have an abundance of here at our Worcester camping site!)

Taking off your shoes might not seem like CrossFit, P90X or Zumba but you might be surprised by how tired your feet will feel when you ask them to do all that extra work. And whether you choose to take your shoes off or keep them on, a week here will leave you feeling fitter and healthier from head to toe!

(NB: If you want to try this at home and never or rarely walk barefoot, it is important to build up the strength in your feet slowly to give your feet time to adapt without injury. Start with walking around the house with no shoes, then progress to short periods outside on varying surfaces, taking care in case of sharp objects).


Special blog post editorial from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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