The Fitness Camp Team are Completing a Fitness Exercise with the Kettlebell

Here we have Andy showing us how to do the kettlebell clean, twist and press. Ian talks us through the negative and positive twist.

It’s quite an advanced kettlebell technique so take your time and break down each exercise. FitFarms teaches this exercise during the fitness holiday so if you are not under instruction please take note of this video and watch the technique that is being performed.

Kneeling Clean and Press Exercise with Andy and Ian 5 Minute Session

Starting with the kneeling reverse fly. Andy from the fitness camp team does not use a mat but we advise to use a mat for theses exercises.

Like a renegade position make sure hips are parallel to the floor which means you will need to put in maximum effort.

Then the kneeling clean press, driving the hips through and rotating the wrist almost like a half squat.

Then into the kneeling wood chop which is great for the core. Make sure to drive with the hips. Then Andy goes into the tricep overhead

5 Minute Fitness Exercise Starting with the Hip Lift (Video)

The hip lift performed from the neutral spine position with the weights resting on the hips. You can also do this without weights to build up your strength and condition. Brings in hamstring and glutes and is another great core exercise.

Followed by the assisted sit up using the weights as a counter balance. Then the dorso rage which is a great back strengthener.

Finally the renegade row a real favourite at the fitness camp.

Weight Loss Retreat Testimonial by Gina

Gina give her story on the holistic weight loss boot camp that she attended in Derbyshire.

She states that she struggled with her weight since she has been quite young. Once Gina lost 8st and she’s trying to continue with her weight loss.

She chose FitFarms because of the exercise and the sensible eating plan which is easy to follow. You will notice that she says she likes the support you get from the fitness camp team.

Gina lost 18lbs which is quite an achievement.

The 5 Minute Weight Loss Retreat Exercise By Andy And Ian (Video)

Today Andy and Ian from the weight loss camp team in Derbyshire are showing us a complex sequence of fitness moves.

It consist of 6 to 8 reps of controlled movements.

The first exercise move will be the reverse plank, then the V sit up which is extremely demanding, then into the side crunch with a short range of movement making sure to train both sides.

The last fitness exercise is the squat thrust which is explosive and great for abs and hip flexors.

Explosive Renegade Movement Exercise by Andy of FitFarms (Video)

Today we have Andy Baker and Ian Thompson from the FitFarms holistic boot camp team showing the right technique for an Explosive Renegade Movement.

This functional fitness exercise is a series of techniques that we will be showing you from the Derbyshire and Dorset retreat. It combines the standard fitness press up with a windmill. Then after this is complete there is the explosive side step which sets up the opportunity to do the same on the other side keeping the exercise balanced. Make sure there is a good balance with the movement and your feet are around two feet apart. When you are completing the windmill look up to the weight. Also make sure there is a good core and shoulder alignment. Then watch for the full jump which adds more explosive power to the fitness exercise.

This is a complex move so make sure you warm up correctly before you start the exercise.

Half A Turkish Get Up Fitness Exercise by FitFarms’ Andy (Video)

Technique video clips from the holistic weight loss boot camp is showing us how to do the half Turkish get up from the side position using a four kilo gram weight.

This is also an advanced technique so if you are trying this outside a structured weight loss camp environment we suggest that you break the fitness exercise into smaller stages. You open up the hip from a straight leg and then advancing the technique you manoeuvre yourself into a straight sit up. Make sure you keep the weight above your head which will help improve your postural muscles. If you repeat this exercise two or three times and then bring in the hip lift right at the end. Good fitness form is to stabilise the shoulder and bring in the gluteus and hamstring muscles.

Good luck with this exercise as it is difficult but when done correctly it is very rewarding and helps with your general weight loss and fitness.

Renegade & Upright Row With A Kick Back Fitness Exercise

One of Andy’s favourite exercise positions is the renegade and here he is demonstrating it at the holistic holistic weight loss boot camp in the Peak District.

It’s the second series renegade complex in the standard renegade position. You will note that he is ensuring maximum core stability. The functional fitness exercise also goes into a high pull into a windmill, to row and eventually into a kick back. It is an advanced complex especially in the core area. Ian explains that you can just take one of the exercises to practise. You can then start putting all the different fitness techniques together until you master the sequence. With this exercise it is also important to change sides so you train both sides of the body otherwise you will create an imbalance in your body. Always remember to keep symetery and the core is fully engaged throughout the exercise.

Before you start this fitness exercise make sure you test the weights to get the correct weight which is not too light or too heavy.

Functional Fitness Exercise by FitFarms’ Andy (Video)

In this video we have Ian commentating with Andy demonstrating. Ian is our oldest trainer at the weight loss retreat and has the most experience in the health and fitness industry. Andy has 10 years of experience and has worked as a Manager for a well known health and fitness club.

Andy’s favourite style of exercise is functional fitness and in the video he is demonstrating good technique and body movement. This is a difficult exercise and you will need to focus on balance.

There is a bicep curl mixed in with a forward lunge and then just to end the fitness exercise Andy moves into a windmill technique at the end.

If you wish to practise stability this is a great exercise and we often use it on the FitFarms weight loss holidays to aid weight loss. The exercise also concentrates a lot on the core area and is known to have a great functional pattern for all round fitness.

This style of exercise can be practised on both sides and it is important to do so to keep your strength even on both sides.

Weight loss Retreat Review from the Dorset Camp

This young lady had a wonderful time at FitFarms Dorset Camp and gives a glowing report on her weight loss and fitness experience.