Video – FitFarms Challenge – Lunge Demonstration

Below are a few little challenges for you to try from the team at our fitness and weight loss retreat in Matlock, Derbyshire. Look for the videos on our YouTube channel.

In the videos for each exercise on YouTube we will go through adaptions and alternatives so there is a level for all to attempt in this blog we are going to go through the challenge involving each particular exercise who knows maybe you could even do them all??..

Challenge 1

The Exercises

  • The stork squat
  • Kb Snatch into windmill
  • Body weight get up
  • Rb stepping wood chop into step and punch.

The Challenge

100 reps of each exercise in as quicker time as possible, take as many rests as necessary but remember get the time down to as little as possible for
each individual exercise.. but NEVER SACRIFICE TECHNIQUE watch the vids closely and practice the technique before trying the challenge.

More exercises and fun to come keep an eye out on our blogs and YouTube channel.

Best of luck from all at Fitfarms! The holistic realistic approach to exercise and health.

Exercise and Fun at FitFarms Weight Loss Boot Camp

Exercise and Fun at FitFarms Weight Loss Boot Camp

Here at FitFarms Fitness Camp, we make exercise fun and enjoyable with new like minded friends. Get pumped up with our trilling boxing exercise activities with stunning outdoor views of the fitness camp location.