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Weight Loss Retreat Diabetes And Improvements

There is a new rule at FitFarms weight loss retreat which is simple and very effective. Every course we run must be better than the last course. The last weight loss retreat we saw improvements in the Kitchen and presentation of the dining area. On this weight loss retreat Justin and the team have introduced blood testing for diabetes.

Weight Loss Retreat Diabetes Testing Equipment

One of the main reasons for bringing in this test is that we receive a lot of people that are pre diabetic or have diabetes. The weight loss retreat programme has been designed to reverse diabetes and make sure that pre diabetics do not become diabetic.

We are currently running a weight loss retreat in Derbyshire and there is a lady who joined us 3 years ago on the course. She was a full blown type 2 diabetic and lost 7 stone and has come of all her medication. Well done goes out to Karen and thank you for rejoining us at FitFarms.

Weight Loss Retreat Diabetes Testing

There is also a huge improvement on the holistic side. FitFarms has always worked with the three main areas being nutrition, exercise and mind therapy. Now everyday is started with Hailey’s breathing session which is simply the best way to wake up the body and prepare yourself for the day. The majority of people shallow breathe so by introducing deep breathing sessions our guest benefit from feeling less stressed, heart rate lowers and more oxygen is suppled to the blood. Deep breathing also highers your endorphins which is the feel good chemical.

Due to the popularity of the new style programme which creates a much greater weight loss than our courses before we are now full for the whole of August and September. The next available course is in Derbyshire on 9th October.

FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Derbyshire

Weight Loss Retreat Derbyshire August 2020

The new FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Health team started in January at a very high standard raising all areas of the course. We are now truly in full flow and the improvements have been noticed both by new and old customers.

Weight Loss Retreat Health Team

Weight Loss Retreat Health Team
Weight Loss Retreat Health Team

Leading the Team is Justin Lord the ITV Health and Fitness Guru. Justin has brought in so many new ideas from a complete facelift to workshops to designing a new way of approaching lifestyle change through FitFarms’ very own M3 programme. FitFarms’ M3 programme covers three areas being Mind, Medicine and Movement. During the FitFarms weight loss retreat programme customers now receive a higher weight loss / fat loss result. But more importantly their results are long term because the Mind part of the M3 programme is so thorough.

The Health Manager is backed up by the lovely Hailey who is fantastic at adjusting customers minds. This allows guests so ask questions about themselves, motivate themselves and ultimately increase their short and long term results. ‘I have got so much more on this course that I thought was possible’ has been said on all the courses Hailey and Justin have run together. All the great workshops and exercise sessions are equalled by the food that Niall creates in the Kitchen. Every meal has Niall’s creative eye examining the dish before it goes onto the tables. The dishes are colourful, tasty and creatively balanced within glasses or on plates.

Weight Loss Retreat Bakewell Smoothie

Weight Loss Retreat Availability

18th September 2 Spaces Available

9th October 1 Space available

23rd October 2 Spaces Available

To book a space please visit our website or call us on 07766240446 / 08006343070