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Testimonials from our customers


Testimonial from: Sarah Matthews

Had a great week trying lots of different exercises. Very passionate team, who will do their very best to make the week work for you . great food, up-beat vibe, would do again.

Testimonial from: Gladys Tan

I was choosing between multiple boot camps or fitness camps and I chose Fitfarms (with no regrets) because of the nurturing environment that it’s known to have. No instructors screaming at your faces or tears of pain and suffering BUT you still get pushed to your limits. Best of both worlds! I enjoyed every moment of Fitfarms and I attribute a huge part of my enjoyment to the amazing trainers Andy, Sean and Helen. You get to try all sorts of physical activity, so you come out of it knowing very clearly which ones you enjoy and which ones you don’t. And from htere, you can then incorporate the ones you enjoy into your weight loss journey. For me, the trainers have helped me discover my liking for everything (except yoga and Zumba) and especially kickboxing. I came out of Fitfarms knowing what genre of sports I like to do in order to continue my journey of being a better self. I can’t say I’ve been good at it but Andy has been providing me with encouragement and tips along the way even though it’s been 8 months since I left. Since then, I’ve attended kickboxing lessons (which wasn’t too impressive because the instructor was poorly qualified), ran a 10k and recently signed up for Muay Thai classes. I also enjoyed meeting the other ladies there and learning about their life stories. They are great inspirations. I want to return to Fitfarms so badly but I’m not halfway acorss the world. But I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t book a holiday back to UK just to have a second Fitfarms experience :)

Testimonial from: Katie Ferguson

Fitfarms has definitely changed my life for the better! Fed up of unsuccessfully following diet plans, I decided that Fitfarms holistic approach to fitness may work for me. Like others, I was unnecessarily nervous about attending, but the team are amazing and really make you feel at ease. I have been to Fitfarms more than once, and the support received both during and after the course, from the team, and other course participants has helped to keep me motivated. I have booked to go back in the Summer, as my fitness journey is definitely a work in progress, and each time I attend a course I leave a stronger and more confident person. Thank you Fitfarms for all the amazing work you do!

Testimonial from: Sheelagh Stewart

I went to Fitfarms feeling hopeless. I had lost the me that loved exercising and was strong and healthy somewhere along the way.

I have rediscovered it and also understand what it is going to take to keep my exercising well into my nineties and to be fit and strong when/if my grandchildren.

It was shattering and personally very challenging. But a big thankyou to Andy, Rebecca and Sean for their commitment, professionalism, knowledge and constant patience and generosity.

Testimonial from: wendynd

The range of exercise classes was excellent, I was able to try Tai Chi and Pilates which i had not done before. The care and attention paid to stretching when undertaking a heavy exercise programme was very good. The selection suited a wide range of fitness levels and abilities. The camping suited me as it kept the price down and the basic facilities were fine, showers were hot and powerful. The food was amazing, with the support sessions informative and useful. Staff were very helpful and encouraging.

Testimonial from: Uburonmac

Had a reservation for the 10 day course and was very excited about taking part, sadly I had a last minute emergency with a work situation and was unable to return from abroad to take part .. despite the non refundable full payment as well as a lost flight I was very disappointed that I would potentially not get a refund. However after speaking to Stephen (via email) the Representative from Fitfarms he very kindly offered me an opportunity to take part in another course. I’m not booked in for the 28th July and can’t wait !!! I’m thrilled that I can now take paer .. will keep this post updated !!

Testimonial from: ajwild

I have just come back from a really great week at Fitfarms in Dorset. I feel amazing. The staff were all experts in their field and the combination of exercise, food and nutrition and coaching works so well. hanks to all the team - wonderful Matt who cooked the delicious meals working with the amazing Lesley who quite simply knows everything about nutrition and has a lovely way of giving advice on how to make iit work for you. Underpinning the success of the week was the varied exercise programme which suited all the different levels of fitness in the group. Most importantly this was fun - thanks to the team (the gorgeous Georgia and Jodie, the brilliant Jason and of course the leadership of the fab Andy.) I went to reignite my interest in exercise and get into healthier eating habits. I met some great people, I had lots of fun and came back with more energy and a change approach to eating and exercise. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from: helen r

Just back from a fantastic week in Dorset with fitfarms. The trainers were great - each had their own speciality, so I got to try lots of new classes. Accomodation was fab, and the food was amazing! The nutritionist was fab and really knew her subject. I hummed and hawed about going along, finally booked it and am glad I did, met some amazing people, came home 8lbs lighter with a new attitude to food. So if you are thinking about going just book it and go - you won’t be sorrt.

Testimonial from: logothis

I cannot recommend these people enough they rebuild you on this course from the inside out,I’m a busy woman who made no time for my health or well being and like every thing life you need to be taught how to do this,if you want to make your life 100% better then get to a fit farm.