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Typical Day

FitFarms schedules are tailored to you

The schedule at FitFarms is tailored to your current fitness level and your individual needs. You will also receive a one to one lifestyle consultation during your stay with us.

The number one questions we are asked is how intense is the exercise programme? You will eneter the programme at the correct intenity for your current fitness level. You will find that the programme is challenging but the team will always set manageable goals as you progress through the course. When we carry out group exercise sessions there are different intensity levels for all abilities.

There maybe some exercises that you may not be able to do due to medical conditions or other restrictions but do not worry as the team will always find suitable alternatives. Please remember we adapt all our programmes depending on your fitness level.

Typical Day

7am - Wake Up Workout

8.30am - Breakfast

9.15am - Hike

12.15pm - Boxercise

1.15pm - Lunch

2.15pm - Nutrition Workshop Part 1

3.30pm - Full Body Workout

4.30pm - Yoga

5.45pm - Dinner

6.30pm - Zumba

7.30pm - One to One Lifestyle Consultation