Westcountry Retreat

Truro Weight Loss Retreat And Fitness Retreat

Truro Weight Loss And Fitness Retreat Nearest FitFarms Site Is On Dartmoor

Were pleased to announce that FitFarms weight loss retreat is back in the West Country. The site we’ve picked out is located on the edge of Dartmoor 3 hrs drive from Truro. Throughout the programme you’ll take a number of scenic walks on Dartmoor. Known for its walking trails and bird watching, the moors are full of nature and beautiful views. We’ve been busy planning walking routes to start off the beginning of the programme. At FitFarms we make it clear we individualise our schedule to you personally and we understand everyone who joins us on the course are at different abilities and will have different limits. No one is unincluded in the course and we provide support along the way to make sure your time spent with us is productive and also fun.

Dartmoor Weight Loss Retreat

Truro Weight Loss Retreat Facilities

The facilities at the Dartmoor site sit amongst beautiful woodland views. The site is fully equipped with a large exercise hall and dining area with all the equipment you need for all classes throughout the weekly schedule.

What makes FitFarms different to other weight loss retreats and fitness programmes is the community created throughout the week. You’ll leave the course with a greater support system and community. You’ll be added to a social group via our own personal app so you can choose to stay in contact with everyone you meet on the course including the staff.

Truro Weight Loss Retreat And Fitness Retreat Directions

Travelling by car

To get from Truro to our Dartmoor site it takes around three hours by car, free parking will be available throughout the week on site.

Travelling by train

Travelling via train also takes approximately 3 hours. There is one change in Plymouth and then it is a straight route to Ivybridge. Transport is provided to and from the local station.

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