Posted on 13 Dec 2022

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Wedding Ideas Alice trialled a fab bridal weight loss retreat


Fitfarms is different to a bootcamp because it’s a weight-loss camp, without the shouty-shouty, military-style bootcamp regime! The emphasis is on having fun and learning how to make better choices about exercise, not working you to exhaustion. I attended a three-day course at the stunning Knowle Manor in Somerset.


After we arrived and settle into out rooms it was a quick change into our workout gear for the first exercise of the weekend – a cardio session before dinner. After we’d eaten we were introduced to our three coaches – Zu, Andy and Ian – who welcomed us and explained a bit about what we would experience at FitFarms. The next morning kicked off earl with a 6am start to have our weight and measurements taken, followed by breakfast and then straight into the day’s exercises. Experiencing a mix of circuit training, interval running, boxing, yoga, aqua aerobics and weight training, it sounds like hard work (and it really is), but with each new exercise you try the day whizzes by, and makes you really appreciate snack and lunch time! Over the three days that I was there I tried swimming, zumba, hula hooping, kettle bells, pilates, tai chi, a hike around Exmoor National Park, lots of squats, lunges, martial arts, core training, running and loads more. It sounds a lot, but if you don’t get on will with one exercise, it’s not a problem – there’s bound to be one you’ll enjoy.


It’s not all about fitness, you’ll also meet a dietician and nutritionist who will help you re-lean your eating habits, and encourage you to make the right choices. On the evening before you leave FitFarms you’ll have a review meeting with your mentor who will talk about your experience and help you to set goals. You’ll be given a long-term programme that you can realistically stick to, which will help you maintain your fitness levels and weight loss.

Even though it might sound absurd, I absolutely loved every second of my FitFarms journey! It was ridiculously hard work but I met some truly lovely and inspiring women, learnt a lot, and felt fitter, healthier, and happier by the end. Even better, I lost 4lbs in three days, so image what you could lose in a week.

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