Posted on 13 Dec 2022

Adonus Loves Venus

Adonis Loves Venus

Full Body Fab

If you’re ready to take this ‘brand new you’ to a whole new level then why not try a fit camp? No needles, no doctors, no lotions and potions just blood sweat and a fair few tears.

Based in Exmoor and The Peak District, the programme is a combination of intense exercise, controlled meal plans and workshops including; nutrition, exercise and behavioural change. All in the name of research our very own Frenchy Beckford dug out her Lycra and paid them a visit.

Frenchy’s Diary

Day 1

As I approach the FitFarms bus I started to wonder what I had gotten myself in for! The atmosphere on the bus is fairly positive and everyone’s really excited to start the programme, but nervous about what’s ahead.

As we played the ‘get to know you games’ I started to realise how serious this all is, there’s a lady who had come all the way from Spain, two girls who had flown in that morning from Bahrain (one of them is here for the third time after losing 4 stone since her first visit). On my way to bed I feel like I’m in for quite a week, but am really happy that I’m going through it with such a great group of women.

Day 2

The 7.40 start was not too distressing for me, after breakfast it’s time for personal consultations our vital statistics are taken so we could do accurate comparisons by the end of the week. I was expected to be eased in until our instructor tells us to get ready for a 5k run, which was to form the basis for of a fitness test. Seeing as I wouldn’t even run for a bus, you can imagine the prospect was less than attractive.

Fast-forward 29 minutes and I’ve completed my run and am pretty chuffed! My reward of salad and soup for lunch was well deserved! Afternoon activities consist of circuits and weights, resistance training, boxing, yoga, and a dinner of salmon and quinoa with a lovely fruit crumble served as desert.

Day 3 ** Up at 6.45 for Wake Up Workout (circuit training) and then breakfast of porridge and apricots. It was then time for a six mile walk/jog with a short break to eat a healthy snack of fruits, nuts and berries.

The afternoon brings aerobics and Pilates followed by a dinner of beef and celeriac casserole which is so yummy. After dinner we have a salsa class, everyone got involved and it was so much fun!

Day 4

They say at some time during the week you hit a wall and today I think I’ve hit mine. At Wake Up Workout I feel tired but am pushed to my limits by the 6 mile walk and am surprised and what I achieve. The afternoon brings a brilliant nutrition workshop with nutritional therapist Julia Fitzgerald, it’s extremely informative and really interesting and also I am happy to be sitting down. The days completed with resistance training, yoga and a dinner of vegetable moussaka which is so good I lick the plate! I also had a well-deserved massage, which couldn’t have come at a better time.

Day 5

I feel so much better today, the second half of our nutrition workshop looks at ingredients and hidden ‘baddies’ which is fascinating who knew that eating cocoa pops cereal bar was like eating a piece of chocolate cake! Resistance training followed by a two hour walk and water polo which was brilliant. Dinner is an interesting chicken and veg ensemble followed by an hour of Pilates and a late desert of yoghurt and honey.

Day 6

This was the day of the eight mile walk, and was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life! I’m walking with another FitFarmer called Angela, she assures me I can do it, though I can’t wait to be back at the house.

After a shower and rest we do Aeroblast, yoga and an abs workout- no rest for the wicked! I go to bed that day exhausted, but really proud of what I’ve achieved and wonder what else I could do that I thought I could’nt.

Day 7

Today is the last day, I work so hard at Wake Up Workout as it’s statistics tomorrow. It’s time to do the 5k fitness test again and see if we have improved. It’s so much easier and I manage to shave 3 minutes off my time, my recovery is faster and I’m feeling great.

Next on the agenda is Pilates, boxing, weight training and belly dancing which I really loved. We also had a cookery class with the chef, which is really good and teaches us how to make a few things we have eaten during the week. The last class is ‘Retrobics’ and we have dinner of turkey tikka, which is lovely and we make our way to our session on breaking bad habits.

Last activity of the day consists of collecting our certificates and goody bags complete with lots of emotional speeches and a glass of champagne (it tasted like heaven!). I went to bed that night so proud of myself and the other women and can’t wait to see the results tomorrow.

After a week at FitFarms I have lost 3lbs, 8% of my body fat, 3.5 inches from my waist, I have super-toned arms and I feel ready to take on the world.

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