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FitFarms Online Mirrors The FitFarms Residential Programme

FitFarms Online Body Transformation £12.50 Per Month

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Build the body and life you LOVE

FitFarms Online Coaching enables frustrated people, tired of being stuck in the diet cycle of restriction and bingeing to experience a simple, proven system to free themselves from food obsession, lose weight and feel confident.

Are you, sick to death of struggling to lose weight and get toned?

Are you tired of constantly obsessing over food and having it rule your life?

Have you had enough of succumbing to the fad diet marketing and feeling stuck in the cycle of restrict and binge?

We are a passionate team of health professionals covering nutrition, mind therapy and all kinds of fitness sessions including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Body Combat, Yoga, Salsa, Zumba, Kettlebells, Core Strength, Pilates, Weights and Body Condtioning.

FitFarms Residential Team Provide An Online Progarmme

Online Coaching With FitFarms Benefits

A tribe and support community of like-minded people just like you: other people in the same boat, with the same past experiences and struggles so you feel part of an empathetic community of people who share the same goals and challenges, and who can encourage each other to stick with the battle. This online support group helps overcome your worries about the stigma attached to belonging to such a group in a public way.
Optional workouts that can be done at home, with minimal equipment in a very short space of time. With work, family life, kids and social commitments, its good to have piece of mind that you can fit a workout in at a time to suit you, anywhere you like, at home or when travelling. And the tribe is ALWAYS with you.
No books to read or complicated text to wade through, simple, well explained videos that not only give you the solutions but the reasons WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. Listen and watch in bed, while in the car or at the office. You’ll soon become the expert.
All the recipes you need to get going right away. Print them off, save them to your mobile device or tablet. They’re always accessible to you wherever you are at the touch of a button
The complete program, support group and community are already right there on your mobile device! That’s right, no need to download yet another app or remember any passwords to a membership site. We decided to make things EVEN easier for you by embedding the entire program into an already successful app that you currently use; Facebook. We utilise the new technology produced by the experts which takes your FitFarms Online Coaching support group and tribe to that of a ’Social Learning’ platform. So not only is your program right there at the press of a button, your coach is too. All in one place, right there where you need us in an app you already use.
Weekly LIVE videos from the FitFarms Award Winning Retreat Instructors covering a huge variety of exercises that will keep you motivated and on track.
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