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London Weight Loss Retreats and Fitness Retreats

Retreats for Weight Loss and Fitness Collecting at London Heathrow

London FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Retreat collect from London Heathrow

The FitFarms retreats are referred to as weight loss retreats and fitness retreats because we accept guests with all different fitness levels, shapes, sizes and medical conditions. If you feel you are already relatively fit you will find that we offer higher intensity levels during your course making the programme more similar to a fitness retreat. The weight loss retreat is for guests that have lost their way with exercise and nutrition and are using FitFarms to kick start a healthy new lifestyle.

To book a course please visit the Norfolk section of our website which can be found in locations.

London Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Retreat Collection

The FitFarms retreat collection place is London Heathrow airport at 2.30pm on the Friday. We are approximately 3 hours from London Heathrow airport which is taking into account the Friday traffic leaving London. We also operate a service where we take you back to London Heathrow airport the following Friday arriving back at 1pm. If you decide to drive we have plenty of free parking on site.

London Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Retreat Programme

The residential retreat programmes cover three different areas and are backed up by a post course programme to make sure that you stay on the healthy track once the weight loss and fitness retreat programme has finished.


The science behind the FitFarms nutrition programme is balancing blood sugar levels and portion control. We tend not to talk too much about calories as it is easy to become obsessive over calorie counting and it needs to be taken into account that there are good and bad calories. The food on the course is all freshly prepared and you receive all the recipes as part of the post course programme.


The number one question we are asked on the exercise programme is the intensity level. We always give different intensity levels so we can cover everyone’s different fitness level. There is a lot of variety covering resistance and cardio exercises. We use an indoor area for most of the exercises and there are also some fantastic walks to suit all levels.


During the programme we run educational workshops on mindset, nutrition, fitness, cookery and lifestyle planning. The workshops are set out to give you all the tools needed to carry on with what you have learnt on the course in your home environment. We also provide one to ones on the course giving a more tailored approach.