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Weight Loss Retreats in the UK and Spain

Weight Loss Retreats designed to help you lose weight and tone up

The weight loss retreat courses are open to all different shapes, sizes and fitness abilities with the emphasis of the retreat being on weight loss and lifestyle change for both women and men

The FitFarms weight loss retreat team deliver a programme that is challening and achieves short and long term results.

We have many differnet levels of fitness at FitFarms which include customers that exercise regularly to customers who have completely lost their way with exercise and nutrition.

The course works on the 3 Lifestyle principles being Nutrition, Exercise and the Mind delivered by our award winning weight loss retreat team.

Like all our weight loss retreat progarmmes the FitFarms Classic Course is followed up with the FitFarms after care programme and accompanied by our free online Life Coaching service.

The FitFarms Classic Course is suitable for women, men and couples. The course will not only change the way you look. It will change the way you think about exercise and nutrition creating a life changing experience.

Below is a review with images from a national journalist describing his challenging but fun course at FitFarms:

David Leafe, a reporter from the Daily Telegraph, reports on his life changing experience

1 Can’t believe it when the needle stops just past 14st. Incredible. Have lost 1st 2lbs in just seven days, 3 inches of waist and 2 inches off hips. Body fat down 7 per cent. Really Happy. Was one of the best experiences of my life but big question is whether I can keep it going.

2 I lost a stone and two pounds in one week at FitFarms the weight loss boot camp in Devon, but it didn’t matter what the scales said. If these brown corduroy monstrosities were still snug on me, then all my hard work of six hours exercise a day on a diet of 1700 calories would have been for nothing. I needn’t have worried they hung off me like clown trousers.

3 Julia (FitFarms Nutritionist) explained to me that my sudden weight loss at FitFarms will have slowed down my metabolic rate, the speed at which we burn calories. An ancient survival mechanism had kicked in, ensuring my body conserved energy at a time when food seemed to be scarce. Julia told me to relax, promising that if I ate healthily 80 per cent of the time and didn’t worry too much about the other 20 per cent, my metabolic rate would return to normal and my weight loss would then continue. Julia was right I lost another 2lbs. Weeks five and six showed further falls of 2lbs each and at the end of week 7 I was down to 13st 11lbs half a stone lighter than when I returned.

4 Just completing my first half marathon. At FitFarms I pushed myself so hard that I experienced for the first time the highs that true exertion can give you as endorphins pass through your body. So I started running going for four mile jogs five times per week.

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