Posted on 4 Jun 2016

Working at FitFarms by Rebecca

Rebecca FitFarmsHi my name is Rebecca and I am the newest member of the FitFarms staff team. In this post I'm going to be writing a bit about myself and my first impressions of working at FitFarms.

My background is in soft-tissue therapy so I am fascinated by the human body and the way that it moves. I am excited to work with FitFarms so I can use my skills to help people improve their mobility and enjoy a more active lifestyle, whether that is high intensity exercise or just the activities of daily life. When I am not learning about the human body I enjoy using my own body to rock climb, hike and cycle.

The first thing that struck me when I arrived at Fit Farms Derbyshire is the scenery. The cottages are surrounded by woods and set beside a lovely little lake. The surrounding area is covered in rolling, green hills; perfect for getting off-site for longer walks. The hills provide wonderful views across the Derbyshire Dales (once you've got to the top, of course!)

One of the things that attracted me to the role at FitFarms is the holistic approach of the program, which is apparent from the off-set. For many people, making the change to a healthier lifestyle doesn't just require change in one aspect of their life; it often requires change in exercise, nutrition and mindset all at the same time. The FitFarms program addresses all of these aspects, bringing in a variety different types of exercise, nutrition education, cooking skills, mindfulness and habit changing.

Each team member brings something different to the program. Andy and Sean have a wealth of knowledge about exercise and improving overall heath and fitness; Mathew brings a bit of flare to the kitchen as a Rosette chef with a Michelin Award ; Claire's life coaching workshop has useful strategies for making lasting lifestyle change; and Lesley's calm and patient explanations in the nutrition workshops cut through a lot of the confusion surrounding the issue of nutrition.

Having this kind of variety ensures that everyone can find part of the course that they really identify with, and are excited to take home to help them reach their goals.

One thing that I wasn't expecting as part of the role was what great company I have found the clients to be. So far I have met a wide range of people from the UK and abroad, all with fascinating life experiences. On the longer walks I have had the pleasure of some great conversations on topics including making wildlife documentaries, parenting and gender equality.

Every time I start a new job there is always a bit of uncertainty about where the role will take me, but at least I know that here at FitFarms I will never be bored!

Special blog post editorial from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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