Posted on 26 Sep 2016

Worcester Fitness Camp Review September 2016

FitFarms Glamping RealI have to say I'm typically not a fan of camping! And so I never expect to enjoy my weeks at camp Worcester. The nights are too cold, the days are either too hot, too windy, too wet or all of the above.

However, these 2 weeks have been a different experience! They have been hard and challenging as always but thanks largely to the groups and the weather we are now coming to the end of our second fitness camp and I've really enjoyed it! It's been tough and challenging for all of us and for different reasons but I find on these weeks there is a stronger comradery between the clients I think the more challenging environment and the the nature of the course work well to bring the group together. Our non boot camp approach allows for our clients to establish or re-establish an enjoyment for exercise or activity and in the beautiful setting of Leigh near Malvern it really helps people to unwind from the stressful life back home.

We now have another 2 weeks to do up in Matlock and I only hope they are as successful as our 2 here at the Worcestershire fitness camp.

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