Posted on 16 Aug 2014

Wonderful Day With The Fitness Camp Girls

Weight Loss Camp Week. Photo credit Parade.

And we're back! The team are eager to get started with a new group of girlies, once the initial settling in and unpacking is done the girls meet up for the first time In the dining room ready for their official welcome to FitFarms, then it's dinner and finally the 1st workshop of the week with Zu.

The group seem quite comfortable already.. It helps that we have quite a few returners and that there are a few strong and happy characters moulding the dynamic in this early stage. For some this will be 2 straight weeks, yes that's right there is a group with in the group of 9 clients staying for a whole 2 weeks! That's 2 courses straight through back to back, they seem nervous but capable, and I'm sure the fact that there is nine people doing the same will help them to settle.

We are at the start of a 3 week stint, 2 up in Matlock and one down in Dorset so it's going to be a busy month for us but if all the weeks go as well as they should there will be a great sense of achievement to follow, not just for the clients but for us as well as 3 weeks in a row is tough going but also so rewarding so we're looking forward to the challenge!

Anyway that said it is now time to retire ready for our first full day tomorrow, so as always I ask for your support on Facebook and through the website for our new group of clients this week and spare a thought for the emotions and feelings they will be experiencing over these first few days.

Thank you

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