Posted on 8 Mar 2023

Why We Use Full Fat Instead Of Skinny Products At FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat

Full fat not low fat at FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat

Full fat products, like full fat yogurt, are commonly mistaken as the ‘unhealthy choice’. Full fat products carry key nutrition we need in our everyday diets. As studies show, it's even more likely to become obese and overweight from low fat products as they’re processed and full of additives. Therefore we don’t promote products like these at FitFarms weight loss retreat, instead we cook with whole foods and fresh ingredients.

Whole foods are filled with nutrients, vitamins and fibre which are vital to our everyday diets. Fibre is a key aspect of your diet, especially at the start of your weight loss journey. Visit this link to see why fibre is important for weight loss

Fibre is important to maintain in your day to day meals as it’ll help you maintain a healthy weight and lowers any risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions.

Fibre also makes your food harder to digest. Making you feel more full with fewer calories which is vital for maintaining a balanced diet, this isn’t supplied in low fat, skinny or dieting products despite advertisement.

Wholefoods further provide you with more energy, which will especially help with keeping ambition throughout maintaining your lifestyle change post FitFarms. If you want to change your lifestyle and maintain that change it can’t be done through these products as they provide short term results rather than long term.

It’s important to realise the impact your diet has on the fitness factor of your weight loss journey. To produce the best results for yourself maintaining both your diet and fitness at the same level is key. We have some more information on the FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Information Page on our nutrition plans.

We take into account that a lot of the time we don’t choose to have a unhealthy diet, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of the ‘easier option’ and at FitFarms we show you options to how you can still maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in your day to day life.

A lot of weight problems we see at FitFarms stem from relying on processed foods like, oven pizzas, microwaved foods etc, and we understand having children or a busy schedule doesn’t always make it easy to make homemade meals every day.

We provide you with simple recipes as a starting point to changing unhealthy patterns. As your diet is one of the most important factors in weight loss and improving your health.

We also encourage bulk cooking as a option if you don’t have that extra time in the evenings, or you know you won't have the motivation after a long day, this gives you a quick planned out alternative each night and all it takes is some extra preparation on weekends or a couple hours of free time a week.

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