Posted on 6 Jan 2016

Why I'm a Teacher not a Trainer

The industry is so results-orientated that the average client joins a gym/class and/or goes to a trainer or coach for help and they say "I need to lose some weight" or "I'm worried about my fitness and my health" and the trainer listens and maybe asks a few more questions identifies a timeline and agrees on a program with their new client and proceeds to develop an effective (we hope!) program to help them get to where they want to be, during the rigorous program and strict routine the client may sometimes struggle may need a little motivation from time to time but overall gets a level of satisfaction from it.

Once the timeline is reached maybe the client is converted and loves the feeling of exercise, maybe they aren't but they are ever so happy they have gotten to where they are, what happens next? The client relies upon he trainer for as long as they can afford to? They hit their goals so leave it there and enjoy their new selves until they are back to square one? They don't really feel any different so give up and at least they tried? Maybe they decide they enjoy it so much now they don't need their trainer as much but will keep them in mind if ever they need a top up. I think that covers most of the experiences I've had as a trainer through the years but now I think... What have they actually learnt? What long term improvements have they gained from our time? I'm am totally fatigued by the short-term effects of my hard work with clients and I don't blame them. I want to be remembered by people for helping them to make a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Not for carrying them on to the next milestone, I don't want to be a personal trainer I want to be a teacher.

On our courses we don't want to get you to the end of the week feeling like it was a great experience but where do I go from here. We also don't want you to lose a ridiculous amount of weight due to poor nourishment and over-doing the exercise and have a complete meltdown after your stay with us. We want SUCCESS! And to us, that means after your stay with us you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it and that you are full of energy and confidence from a week of great achievements.

For us, success is hearing from you in a years time saying things are still going well and I feel great. We don't want you to need us to help you achieve this but we will still be there every step of the way.

Andy Baker

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