Posted on 16 Apr 2024

Why Does Hydration Benefit Weight Loss

The importance of water with FitFarms

How does drinking water help maintain weight loss?

Staying hydrated is something you should always prioritise, especially through weight loss. It benefits many factors of health impacting weight loss, including digestion and increasing muscle functions.

Water intake is often a factor forgotten when targeting weight loss. Usually, people will focus solely on exercise and diet; taking your daily water intake more seriously can offer a lot of benefits to make your weight loss more achievable.

How much water should you drink per day?

Ideally, a women needs around 9 cups of water per day (2.7 litres) and a man needs around 13 cups (3.7 litres). This can differ on factors such as weight, age or how generally active you are.

What benefits does hydration bring to weight loss?

Following the recommended intake of water per day can bring many advantages to your weight loss journey. Water helps to control appetite and urges of snacking between meals. Drinking water before and with each meal can help to supress your appetite and prevent over eating. This will then help you to feel more full, which will support maintaining a balanced diet and keeping on track with your weight loss.

Keeping a stable water intake also helps maintain a balanced metabolism. Water plays a vital role in stabilising metabolism, which is a key factor in achieving a up hill, progressive weight loss. Drinking water is necessary for breaking down fats for energy, absorbing food through digestion and regulating body temperature. All important parts effecting metabolism, helping to keep a stable weight loss.

Water flushes toxins out of the body. Any toxins and waste from the body are flushed out by water, without keeping to the recommended water intake you may notice a decrease in your overall health. When trying to achieve weight loss flushing out toxins improves digestion, stables metabolism and increases energy levels, overall making many elements towards weight loss a lot easier. If you want to learn more about water detox, click here.

All in all, prioritising the amount of water your drinking a day is just as important as the diet and exercise areas of weight loss. Keeping to the recommended amount will help make your weight loss a lot more stable while benefiting many health factors which also play into maintaining healthy weight loss results.

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