Posted on 8 Feb 2016

What's Latest from FitFarms this 2016

FitFarms is going into its tenth year of business in weight loss boot camp industry and we are pleased to say the programme has once again improved for 2016. The fitness team now include a GP referral trainer, level 4 personal trainers and kettle bell instructors. We also have a sports therapist about to join us on our first week back of the year.

The health team have always been the core of the company as they deliver the programme and make those all important life changes within the guest. The life changing process has increased again with the introduction of the FitFarms live in psychologist ‎who has brought a new angle to the behaviour workshops.

Leading the weight loss retreat team is Andy Baker who has been with us for five years the longest ever member of the team. Andy's ‎improved the standard of the team by insisting that everyone meets the new FitFarms level 4 standard.

The most recent change is Sean Roberts who brings a wealth of experience from working is the US and Australia.

Another core member of the team is our nutritional therapist Lesley Harper who devises the nutrition programme and delivers two extremely informative workshops during the weight loss camp course.

New to the team is Tom who is a fine dining chef and he will be working closely with Lesley to help raise the bar on the food front. Some dishes have been tried already and they are extremely decorative, tasty with a nutritious balance.

January 2016 OK Magazine have put FitFarms in the top 10 health and fitness companies in the UK which is one of the companies best ever achievements.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our guest that have joined us over the years because without them we would not have had the chance to practise perfecting the FitFarms weight loss retreat.

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