Posted on 1 Oct 2014

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is fat deposits just under the skin, which causes dimpling in the skin. This dimpling usually occurs on the buttocks, abdomen, and the thighs. What makes this type of fat deposit different from facial fat which gives us smooth cheeks?

The connective tissue on the buttock and thighs tends to lie in pockets rather than in layers. In men the connective tissue is arranged in a diagonal pattern, but for women that tissue runs vertically creating fat chambers. Cellulite can be seen on thin people as well as the not so thin.

The appropriate exercise programme is important to reduce the signs of cellulite. Lightweight resistance training is ideal to tone up the cellulite areas, and let’s not forget the importance of a nutritional and healthy diet that consists of low sugar and low salt intake. The bottom line is regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight together with a diet free of processed foods and red meat will all help to banish cellulite or if not keep it under control.

There are many myths regarding cellulite, and one is you need to be overweight to have cellulite. This is not true, even slim young people can have cellulite. Another one is men don’t get cellulite, its true more women than men have cellulite, but it is a problem for men too, just not so many. Cellulite is commonly thought of as hereditary, yet this may not be the case. A genetic predilection does not automatically mean you will develop cellulite; after all we live difference lives to our parents.


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