Posted on 17 Jan 2015

Weight Loss Retreat Report - 17 January 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

So I should of mentioned it in yesterday's report but Zu is back with us (it was just such a natural transition to have her back I forgot to mention it!! ) and today we are almost back to normal. The group are doing fantastically and loved Zu's wake up workout and with a lovely warm breakfast out of the way courtesy of our wonderful to little chefs, they are prepared to brave the beautifully calm but cold weather to embark on the Tissington trail bike ride. It's is a great outdoor activity exclusive to the Matlock course, the path is a foot and cycle path along the route of the old railway lines, which makes it perfectly safe for those wanting to rediscover riding a bike. It is also very scenic with some beautiful views across the Peak District so whether your walking or cycling, weather permitting it is a beautiful day out.

On their return they are greeted by dinner and the new arrivals who are are settled in and ready to start. Triple trouble this afternoon which will be a nice way to induct the newbies into the group and after a quick stretch it's the first of the nutrition workshops before dinner and to finish the day a nice relaxing yoga class, so Mondays all in all are a pretty tough day, third day of exercise for some who have either never exercised or others who haven't exercised for along time and involving some pretty full on classes, so the group deservedly so are ready for their beds tonight, Monday is typically known as a breakdown day.. The day where people reach such levels of fatigue that their emotions take over and sometimes their doubts start to take control, we have tears and tantrums and hugs and thank you's sometimes people just want sometime to themselves, sometimes they want to be surrounded by their new found friends, either way Mondays can be just another step or a giant leap forward but either way it is an interesting, mentally and physically tough day.

If any of you guys or girls have been to FitFarms before how about you drop me a message or post on the Facebook site about how it felt for you? If you have never experienced the Monday madness with us then post a question to see if people can describe it to you, I think you'll be quite intrigued by the different versions and experiences.

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