Posted on 3 Apr 2024

Weight Loss Retreat Healthy Spring Salad

Weight Loss Spring Salad Recipe

New Weight Loss Retreat Salad

This healthy salad can be made for breakfast, lunch and dinner, light and refreshing making it perfect for a warm spring day. Filled with protein and nutrients, it builds a delicious meal.

This meal is easy and quick to make. Having quick healthy dishes available helps preventing turning to unhealthy alternatives. Which is commonly the easiest way to get off track with your weight loss journey.

You can easily adjust this meal to your own liking, adding different forms of healthy veg or different forms of protein.

Including protein in your salads is important to maintain all your nutrition in each meal. Adding nuts, seeds, beans, soy products, meat or eggs are the best forms of high protein to easily add to your salads. Protein makes your meals more filling, helping with preventing snacking between meals which is essential for maintaining weight loss. Also helping to build muscles and keep your energy levels fuelled throughout the day.

Cook time: 10 minutes

Prep time: 5 minutes


Cherry tomatoes

Choice of kale or spinach

Cooked quinoa

Fresh sliced avocado

1 egg (egg is a great source of high protein)

Chopped walnuts, sliced almonds of pistachios (nuts are another good source of protein and easy to combine into each meal)


  1. Poach the egg. Using an egg poacher will make poaching the egg a lot easier.

  2. Cook the dry quinoa while your egg is cooking or use precooked quinoa.

  3. Combine the lettuce, chopped nuts, tomatoes, quinoa and extra seasoning of choice and mix. Add some lemon or lime for extra flavour.

  4. Add the slices of avocado and poached egg on top, and it’s ready to dish up!


Protein – 14g

Carbs – 25g

Calories – 340kcal

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