Posted on 21 Jan 2021

Weight Loss Retreat Green and Berries

Weight Loss Retreat Breakfast Smoothie

The Weight Loss Retreat FitFarms Smoothie

This is one of my favourite smoothies and we usually serve it at the end of the week. If you are diabetic please remember to take out the banana.

The ingredients can either be bought frozen or fresh. It's a lot easier to by frozen and the nutrients are usually the same if not better than fruit that has travelled many miles.

For more information on berries and their health benefits please click here

Serves 4 People 1 Portion Nutrition Facts

153 Calories, 2 grams Protein, 2.8 grams of Fiber

Weight Loss Retreat Smoothie Ingredients

The red part as you have already probably guessed is mainly made up from berries which are great antioxidants. They're also high in fibre, vitamin C making them great for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Red Part Ingredients

100ml Blackberrys, 100ml Blueberries, 100ml Raspberries, 100ml Red-currants, 100ml Full Fat Milk, 100ml Full Fat Yoghurt, 1/2 banana (take out if you're diabetic)

Green Part Ingredients

1/2 Kiwi, 100ml Pineapple Chunks, 100ml Full Fat Yoghurt, 100ml Full Fat Milk, 300ml Fresh Spinach


Dried Berries, Granola and Kiwi Slice.

The Method

Put all the red ingredients into a food processor and process until smooth.

Then add a layer of granola.

Put all the green ingredients into a food processor and process until smooth.

Pour the green mixture over the layer of granola.

Finish off with decorating the top.

FitFarms Chef Top Tip: If you buy fresh fruit freeze the banana before you put it into the food processor.

We are so pleased to announce that we should be up and running again on 5th March at our Norfolk Weight Loss Retreat. The following course will be in Derbyshire where we are based just outside Matlock in the pretty village of Darley Dale. Due to Covid-19 all bookings are transferrable so customers can book with confidence.

Stay Safe x

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