Posted on 18 Feb 2020

Weight Loss Retreat FitFarms Programme

53e730b0-8fa2-4467-86ee-0d6617cd8e96The FitFarms weight loss retreat is just weeks away from it is 13th anniversary.

Usually 13 is an unlucky number but at the FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat it is extremely lucky because we will enter this new exciting year with Hailey, Niall and Justin.

I found out in November that Justin's contract was coming to an end and he was looking for a new challenge. He's had a huge amount of experience in the weight loss and lifestyle retreat industry which has led to contracts with TV companies, celebrities and the extremely wealthy families of Dubai who want the best in the industry living in their house and advising their family.

FitFarms have always had a great team in the past and that is definitely the reason why we are going into our lucky 13th year. In the past I have had to be careful with the selection process making sure that the weight loss retreat team cover all the areas that are needed and they all complement each other. This time it was easy as Justin only works with certain people so he brought his team and being supported by the already great FitFarms team there was no doubt in my mind that we were now going to be delivering the best course we have had within 13 years. I'm never sure about those sayings 13's lucky, 13's unlucky, you make your own luck, it's how you play your luck etc etc..... However we got to where we got to we are now delivering the best programme that we have ever delivered and there's an exciting buzz within the FitFarms Family that is made up of guest and team alike.

Weight Loss Retreat and Lifestyle Workshops

They have now gone from our standard two to three but more importantly broken down into the three important areas on carbohydrates, fats and protein.


A complexed area but this is now being covered which is so important as the FitFarms women's average age is in and around this area.

Sleep, Scheduling and Anxiety

I sat in on this workshop yesterday. It's fascinating and scientifically proven.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

I'm the biggest sceptic when it comes down to the more spiritual side/ mind therapy but also I enter always with an open mind. 20/ 30 minutes session and i felt uplifted and free of anxiety (anxiety was the area we did today) . Wow and thanks Hayley .

The Food

A customer explained this on Monday by saying it's like going to your favourite restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thank you x

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