Posted on 9 Jul 2023

Exercises at FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat For Core Strength

Weight loss retreat core exercise

Core muscle training at the weight loss retreat

Here at FitFarms weight loss retreat we teach the importance of maintaining and improving your core strength. A weak core strength can come with a lot of health issues including an increase in fatigue, more prone to muscle injury and less endurance. All these factors can then develop into poor posture, lower back pain and further injury which is why it’s important to focus on your core strength in your exercise routine.

Core stability is also an important factor when trying to lose body fat. It will enhance your performance during exercising by improving your stability (a better balance and steadiness). Many sports and workout classes depend on your core muscles and it will not only enhance your ability to maintain these exercises, but make it easier to push yourself and improve your technique.

The three main benefits of a trained core include movement, balance and posture. Alongside making exercise a better and less uncomfortable experience it will also benefit your everyday life. Improved movement, balance and posture will keep your physical health in line, helping prevent any muscle injuries that you will become more prone to as you age.

Take a look at our Information Page on the website to gain an idea of the exercises we do.

So which muscles do they strengthen?

Core strength exercises improve your abdominal muscles, back muscles and pelvic muscles (known as your core muscles). Some of the more known core exercises include plank, dead bug, crunch, glute bridge and the traditional sit up.

At FitFarms we include core exercises in your HIIT workouts in nearly all the exercise we have on our schedule. We even activate the core muscles in the warm up before your workout, activating your core and enhancing your physical ability before your session is key to keeping the work out safe and effective.

Healthline is one of our favourite websites to get core exercise ideas for all fitness levels.

The other non specific core exercises we use at FitFarms are dance, swimming, cycling, pilates and yoga.

Depending on your individual ability not everyone is favoured to high intensity exercises so swimming or yoga may be a good starting point to still focus on your core strength while also improving your fitness.

At FitFarms we teach about core strength and include core exercises everyday of your programme. You’ll notice a significant change from the start and end of the week in your ease of  movement and balance. If you carry on including these exercises in your everyday life the results will not only show in your physical health but also your  weight loss results. You’ll notice exercises becoming easier and being able to push yourself and increase your results even more.

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