Posted on 6 Jul 2019

Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat in Derbyshire

darwin lakeWe are now under one week away from from the start of the weight loss and fitness retreat in Derbyshire. The Derbyshire fitness retreat site is based just outside Matlock next to a forest called Darwin Forest.

The accommodation is a group of contemporary cottages nestled around a lake giving a tranquil retreat feeling to the weight loss retreat. The cottages were built 15 years ago in old Peak District stone and have recently been through a £750,000 refurbishment modernising the interior and leaving a contemporary feeling throughout.

Typically a FitFarms Derbyshire retreat cottage has three en suite bedrooms neutrally decorated with soft furnishings and a living area equipped with all the modern amenities. The retreat customers eat in a central area which is called the nutrition dining room so the kitchens are not used in the individual cottages.

There is also a large indoor area on the other side of the lake which is commonly known as the chapel just because it looks like a chapel from a distance. The exercise area has two floors and we tend to use the upstairs more as it lends it hand better to group style classes.

During the course we use one more area which is offsite and this is Arc leisure centre. The main reason for this off site trip is to give some customers the confidence to use local leisure centre facilities when they are at home. It’s also nice for everyone to leave the weight loss and fitness retreat and see the local area.

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