Posted on 17 May 2019

Weight Loss Fitness Camp Derbyshire

Nov 14The morning of FitFarms weight loss Fitness Camp Derbyshire and holistic boot camp and we are setting off early to set up site before the customers arrive. Journals, water bottles and pens are all packed and there’s a 2.5hr drive ahead via Birmingham to collect Lorna a new member of the fitness team.

When we arrive at Derbyshire fitness retreat we will do a check of the rooms and put journals and water bottles out ready for the customers. The weather is gradually getting warmer so keeping hydrated during a fitness course is essential.

Food orders will come in around 2pm so it’s important to check we have all the correct food types and no items are missing. We send out health and nutrition questionnaire before the start of the course so we know if we have any vegetarians, vegans or food allergies. I know on this week there is  one vegan and one vegetarian. I always think it makes the cooking more interesting because you need to be a little more creative during the week when there are special food requirements.

The fitness equipment also is taken out and put on the floor of the indoor area all ready for the first fitness class. We have the health and fitness assessments in the morning so we will will also do a double check that we have everything. We’ve started calculating mass muscle, bone density, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age and body water content to give our customers some more valuable information on their health.

The first customers usually arrive by train at 4.30pm and then the car arrivals come between 5 and 5.30pm.

It’s going to be another fun week and everyone is looking forward to good weather fun and fitness !

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