Posted on 10 Jan 2019

Weight Loss Exercise Fun and Enjoyable

received_2059320577730609As I’ve mentioned before I’m of the opinion that the exercise you choose to do should be fun and enjoyable; and if necessary chop, change and try something new to keep it that way. I think those are good words of advice, which makes me wonder why I hadn’t listened to them myself for a while! I like to exercise and do so pretty much daily, I like and need variation, mixing exercise up a bit to keep it interesting; but for a little while I’d found myself thinking that actually I hadn’t really tried anything new or attended any classes which I used to enjoy for some time and that my own exercise was feeling a bit stagnant. I’ve a long list of both valid reasons and poor excuses as to why but I won’t get into that now! At FitFarms camping in London  I kept promising myself that I would give hula hooping a go as it looked like fun, but I never got round to it (that list again). Anyway this has been niggling at me for a while, and this weeks course was one of those serendipitous weeks where you feel like there’s a master plan unfolding somewhere in this universe. I was aware that I hadn’t done a good yoga session for a while and as much as I could have gone and practiced at several points I didn’t (curse that list); however come Thursday morning there was a yoga session with Rosie which I’d promised myself I’d join in with -and I did (albeit 5 minutes late and tiptoeing in!) I can honestly say I loved it, a change of style to how I usually practice, a fantastic group of people to practice alongside, and it must be said, an amazing instructor. I left virtually floating, fully recharged with a newly rebooted desire to improve my practice, and the sense that my niggle was right - I need a change, to try something new. I’m not quite sure where that niggle is going to take me as I’ve quite an extensive list of things I’d like to try and or go back to, but I do know that the first thing I need to do is look at that list and separate the reasons from the excuses before I can plan what’s feasible, focus, and move onto a new exercise or discipline with the passion both it and I deserve

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