Posted on 11 Sep 2014

Weight Loss Camp Report (Matlock) – 11 Sept 2014

Today we are following the usual schedule wake up workout being my high intensity workout then double trouble after breakfast and the second of the nutrition workshops then after lunch it's an 8 mile walk around Carsington reservoir, or run if your up for it?

Followed by dinner and your second instalment of resistance training with Ian for the week. Considering this is the 4th day in a row of exercise for some and the 11th for others the amount of effort being witnessed in each of the activities is awesome, people are not sitting down and refusing because they have done enough and they are not giving just enough, they are going for it! Giving every last piece of themselves not because of the results they want to achieve, but because they are like addicts on a high, only their drug is the oxygen coursing through the blood to their muscles and brain, giving them a feeling of slight euphoria and child like energy, they feel anew!

This is how exercise should affect us all! It shouldn't be something we do in order to look better in clothes or the mirror it shouldn't be another chore we have to complete it has to be something we want to do! Something we need in our lives and that we miss when it's not there.

This is the focus of FitFarms, changing lives! Helping our clients enjoy their exercise and see that there is someway of both seeing results and enjoying achieving them, our exercise routine is set up to allow the fittest and unfit to stand next to each other in a class or walk side by side outdoors and still both get what they need from it, both feel a sense of achievement and achieve that happy state of mind from the endorphins released by good healthy exercise, it serves to prove that we can all enjoy exercise and get out what we put in. It also highlights the fact that it is our head! Our mind, our perception of self and our own insecurities that stop us from enjoying ourselves.

These girls started the week not knowing each other and judging each other not because they wanted to be nasty or judgmental but because it's a natural I stick to asses possible threats. Only, once they had gotten to know each other a little more and were able to relax around each other and bond the exercise felt more friendly and even the tough classes and breakdown points were easier to handle because of the bonds made with each other and the support given.

The reason I being this up is that we have a lot of people missing out on their opportunity to experience this because they are afraid they won't be accepted or that they will be too unfit and hold the rest of the group back. The truth is that exercise isn't just competitive it is team building as well, you don't have to be great to fit in you just need to give your all and get involved, the friends you will make through exercise could be some of the closest friends you have, or they may just be the kind of friends that understand that particularly tough time in your life when you were trying to get fit and will always be there should you need them again.

I am not a people person by nature, In fact quite the opposite, some weeks exhaust me just from the constant interaction, but I have benefited so much from meeting all these wonderful people that I could never be the person I am without this job and the people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Now! I've ranted enough for today, but if your one of the people who has always avoided exercise for some of the reasons I've discussed then I hope my rant may help to convince you to try it and see what happens, I know for a fact the girls this week will not be regretting their decision.

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