Posted on 7 Sep 2014

Weight Loss Camp Report - 7 Sept 2014

In this Photo: The weight loss camp group resting during their walk workout activity.

This blog post is a review from one of our weight loss camp day happenings as reported by our fitness course trainers and managers.

As this is the second week for a rather large portion of the group, (9 girls to be exact. We have kept the schedule roughly the same but changed the content so as it is a different experience but with some level of familiarity.

The local walks for instance are different but roughly the same distance, difficulty or time etc.

The classes have the same structure but different content and the workshops cover the same content with a little extra, or the chance to take a bit of time off, orrrrrrrrrr preferably do twice the amount of exercise! ;-)

Anyway we are at the start of this day only 2 days away from the completion of another FitFarms week which in itself is a great achievement but atop of this it is the completion of the 2 weekers stay. So as you can imagine there is a real sense of excitement and a noticeable build up of relief as they prepare for their final day.

With a local walk and Zu's dance workshop and a life coaching workshop with the lovely Cara, we are looking forward to a feel good kind of day capped off with the hardest and most enjoyable resistance class I can muster the energy to instruct.. I know! I know! I work too hard and I should take it easy ... But I owe it to my girls to work them as hard as I can ;-)

Tomorrow is the last day of the 7 night, 4 night and 14 night courses. That's a lot of people realising affirming and committing to the changes they need to make before they make their journey home on the Friday so with all joking aside today is a good day to get serious and prepare because come Friday they will need to do it all on their own.

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