Posted on 5 Apr 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 28 March 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

So today is a big one, we have a hectic schedule of circuits, boxercise, stretching, resistance, aerobics, and intervals all between breakfast and bed! It is a lot to do in one day, but the purpose is see how much we are actually capable of when we set ourselves the challenge. Today has been an amazing day, the guys and girls have pushed themselves to new limits and gone to bed with smiles on their faces, it's so nice to see a group of people realise they can enjoy exercise and so much of it.

Tomorrow will be just as busy but the classes will be different and we have a walk thrown in to. The group still hasn't relaxed completely but they are certainly on their way, I think the challenge this week will be adjusting the mindset and getting some of the group away from the concept of weight loss and calorie counting but that always makes for some interesting conversations.

For know thou, I'd like to say a massive well done to the group for their efforts today lets keep up the good work for the rest of your stay.

Andy Baker

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