Posted on 28 Mar 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Report - 15th February 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Sunday started with a challenging wake up workout from our lively trainer Dan. Here the women had both their mental and physical strength tested during a session consisting of static holds and body weight exercises. A huge congratulations to everyone that took part, it's not easy getting up and moving for that first session of the day, but will power and determination shone through!

Sunday was packed full of varying sessions. I took the clients through a 45 minute abs and core sessions, which was full of moans as those stiff muscles were worked! The clients were then in for a treat with some PNF stretching led by Dan. PNF stretching involves working with a partner to facilitate different muscles allowing an increased stretch to be achieved. It's highly important to stretch regularly and maintain or improve the flexibility in movement, stretches muscles will work more effectively allowing you to work harder or longer during your physical activity! After lunch every bodies legs got a rest as we held our fitness workshop, allowing all clients to have a better understanding of the different components of exercise.

Finally the ladies completed a HIIT class led by all three of us, their first local walk of the week, and a resistance class focusing on compound whole body movements. Another busy day for the ladies, but everyone gave it there all, and even with a smile on their face!

Massive well done for the effort so far, and let's keep this going all week!

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